How Aussie Actress Gemma Forsyth Unwinds After a Day on Set

A day in the life of Australian actress Gemma Forsyth can be a tough grind. Sure, she might have spent a lot of her on-screen time camped out on a magical mermaid-ruled island, in her role as Evie McLaren on fave Aussie TV show Mako Mermaids, but life back home isn’t always as serene as mermaid island life. Sometimes, a girl just needs to unwind.

That’s where Samsung’s Sound+, comes in. With its simple and sleek design, the new soundbar fits seamlessly into Gemma’s elegantly-styled Bondi home, making relaxing after a long day on set that much easier.

Plus, she explains, the Sound+’s all-in-one design means there’s no need to find space for an extra subwoofer – an added bonus for a certain someone who loves a boogie in her living room on occasion and has been known to trip over pesky, errant cables!

theFashionSpot caught up with Gemma at her Bondi home recently, to find out how Samsung’s Sound+ works for her – whether she’s listening to music, watching a movie or researching for an upcoming role.