How to Look Ready and Rested on No Sleep


Glowing skin, a bright cheery smile…you’d never guess she was out all night and barely slept. How does she managed to look so well-rested despite her lack of beauty rest? It’s likely she’s well-versed in these secrets to minimizing puffy eyes, dark bags and dull skin.

  1. Charlize Theron

    image: Charlize Theron, David Bodrick/DMBJ/

    We all know that cucumbers help to relieve those puffy eyes. If you don’t have any on hand, soak two tea bags (preferably green or black tea) and let them cool. Apply to your eyes as compresses for about 20 minutes and you’ll definitely notice a difference.
  2. Use light colors for your eye makeup. This can help make blood-shot eyes appear whiter and won’t add to the darkness that may be surrounding each eye.
  3. Lipstick! A bare lip can be a giveaway, so wear a lipstick or lip gloss to show that you are put-together.
  4. Skip the morning coffee and drink a bottle of water instead. Though you’re probably in desperate need of some caffeine, it will only increase your dehydration. Rehydrate with water — or eat some fruit instead.
  5. Yellow-based concealer is a must in order to help correct under-eye circles in these circumstances.
  6. This may be the last thing you want to do after no sleep, but take a brisk walk around the block before heading to your car on your way to work. The quick walk will increase your circulation, which will bring a healthy glow back to your complexion. If the weather outside isn’t cooperating, you can always try 20-30 jumping jacks to get the blood flowing.
  7. A little brush of bronzer across your forehead, cheeks and chin can add a little color to your face, but don’t go overboard.
  8. Eye cream! To add an extra kick, put that eye cream in the fridge to enhances its magic.
  9. Wear a bright color. Your outfit often reflects your mood, so pops of color will fool everyone into thinking you had a full night’s sleep.