Hair Stylist Stephen Knoll Dishes on NYFW Hair

Stephen Knoll is best known for his sprawling Madison Avenue salon and for tending to the hair of stars like Drew Barrymore, Christie Brinkley, Bette Midler, Kristin Davis, Debra Messing, Elle Macpherson, Jerry Hall, David Bowie, Iman, and Anne Hathaway, but he also has a fantastic line of haircare products (not only are they effective, but they smell amazing), and his work has appeared in innumerable glossies including Vogue, Bazaar, and InStyle. Given that he's become an industry go-to, we turned to Knoll for his thoughts on this season's NYFW hair looks.


The Fashion Spot: Do you think beauty looks are safer in NY than they are in the other major fashion weeks? 

Stephen Knoll: Unfortunately, yes!

tFS: From your experience, how much do runway looks actually affect what clients in salons ask for?

SK: Honestly, they really don't.

tFS: Who's more influential in terms of what women want to mimic, model's hair looks or celebrity's hair looks?

SK: Sadly, celebrities.

tFS: All time favorite runway beauty look?

SK: Veruschka During the 60s.

tFS: We saw a lot of hats on the runway. Any tips for wearing them without messing up your hair?

SK: There's not much that you can do, so I would say either wear it and don't worry about it or carry it as an accessory.

tFS: We saw a lot of hair products being used this season. Any tips for not ending up with a super crunchy mane?

SK: Don't overdo it! When you use the right product, you don't need to use that much of it. A good tip to remember is to apply product to damp hair as opposed to dry or wet hair.

tFS: Orlando Pita said he feels a headband trend coming on, do you agree?

SK: Not really.

tFS: What's the biggest "hair mistake" you find women make?

SK: Not having a style that works with their face and hair type, as well as not having a style that's easy for them to style on a daily basis.


Runway images: Imaxtree