What to Do if You’re Too Busy for a Haircut


There’s something about the way your hair looks after a cut that’s almost impossible to recreate at home. Just about every woman walks out of the salon, flips her hair, and runs her fingers though the smooth, healthy strands. The ends are full and undamaged and your hair looks more lustrous, and while this isn’t the only reason to get a cut, it’s often a driving factor. After a few weeks, or more likely a few months, the ends lose moisture and that upset of the delicate balance causes them to break down, resulting in dryer, broken looking hair.

Doo RiVersace

So many women are too busy for regular haircuts but now there’s a way to get that just-cut look at home. TRESemmé® Split Remedy™ Shampoo and Conditioner work to maintain healthy looking hair long after you’ve left the salon chair. In just three uses, they reduce split ends by up to 80%, resulting in softer and more managable hair. The shampoo and conditioner, which are a part of the larger Split Remedy collection, are formulated with Reconstructing Complex™ technology, which helps to keep your hair looking freshly cut by binding split ends for a smooth, frizz-less look. If you’re too busy for a cut, and are looking to keep your hair looking heathy, try the Split Remedy collection and you’ll see a difference in just three washes. 

Images: Imaxtree