Scared of Harsh Hair Treatments? Here’s a Solution


The news has been filled with articles proclaiming the dangers of harsh hair treatments. A blow dry with formaldehyde? No, thank you. Women will go to great lengths to look beautiful, and while they may make your hair silky smooth, it’s not worth risking your health. Luckily, brands have taken notice and at-home treatments are filtering down from the top salons.

BurberryMatthew Williamson

One of the most common problems women face, especially women with long hair, is split ends. They’re unsightly and frankly make your hair look cheap and unrefined. Fortunately, there’s product called TRESemmé® Split Remedy™ Leave-In Split End Conditioning Treatment, which not only leaves your hair shiny and smooth, but also works deeper into the hair to repair up to 80% of split ends. Other oils and silicone treatments can leave the hair feeling weighted and filled with product, but this lightweight formula is meant for repeated use. Just a few pumps worked into damp hair can mean your everyday blowdry leaves you looking like you’re fresh out of the salon.

Images: IMAXtree