Get Set for Summer with These Top Cellulite Fighters

While there are countless products and procedures that promise to rid us of it, there’s no proven cure for cellulite and, sadly, almost every woman has those pesky pockets of fat somewhere on her body.

There are ways to minimize its appearance, however, and one of the most effective is to build up muscle underneath the fat tissue by doing squats and lunges. These exercises will not only help with your existing cellulite, but will work to prevent future lumps and can be especially effective to boost confidence when combined with cellulite-fighting creams, lotions, gels, and scrubs.

Most topical solution fight dimples with caffeine and while you may not find yourself with immediately visible results, the tightening sensation that most of the good products impart can often be just what you need to give you the self-assurance to slip into your swimsuit. Here’s a look at some standout cellulite fighters.