Skincare Solutions from Redness to Shine

Marc Jacobs

DKNYMarc Jacobs

Some of the most simple skincare problems often cause the most stress. Ailments such as redness or excess shine can be embarrassing and cause you to worry more than you need. Most of these problems are easier to fix than you think as long as you remember to work with your skin type and not against it. Here are some helpful tips to help you combat those little annoying problems:

Excess Shine & Oil

Shine is most often a problem for women with oily or combination skin. No matter your morning routine, your face could be ruined by mid-day because of excess oil. It is possible to have glowing dewy skin without shine, simply carry blotting papers with you instead of powder and you’ll avoid that chalky look. To stop shine before it starts, try using a matifying moisturizer with SPF. Sun can stimulate oil production so you'll get the added skincare benefits of SPF along with shine control. 


Whether your skin is naturally pink toned or you have a tendency to blush, excessive redness can make some women self-conscious. An easy way to beat redness is with a green tinted primer. The color works against the redness and balances your skin tone.

Big Pores

Your pores look bigger when they’re clogged with dead skin so this solution is an easy one. A gentle exfoliator with a small amount of Salicylic acid in it should reduce the size. If you’ve noticed your pores mid-day, some loose powder should mask them until you can take your makeup off.


Ashy skin is caused by a combination of dry skin and dead skin. The best way to resolve this is with a moisturizing scrub. If you can’t find an appropriate product, use a moisturizing cleanser with a complexion brush and follow with a rich moisturizer.

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