4 Ways to Make Your Salon Blowout Last for Days and Days…and Days

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image: Imaxtree

No matter how we try, we just can’t get a perfect blowout anywhere but our favorite stylist’s chair. Sure, blowing our own hair is doable, and preferable for saving a bit of coin, but that shine, that perfection of texture is only available one way. For most of us, a professional blowout happens after a haircut or on a special occasion, only to be washed out the following day. But what if you could stretch your blowout out? What if you could get it to last four, five or even seven days? You can. But it requires a bit of patience and strategy. You might want to start your efforts by reading up on how to train your hair to be less greasy, so it only needs a wash one to three times per week. Then come back here and take a look at some tricks of the trade for making your blowout and shine last between salon visits.

Tip #1: Get the Goods

You’ve got to have the right materials to create a lasting impression from your last visit to your stylist. You should have a satin pillowcase, velcro curlers, a curling iron, shine spray, dry shampoo, a handkerchief and a fabric scrunchy. 

Tip #2: Sleep Right

During your sleep time is when hair can turn into a tangled mess. Traditional elastic hair ties break hair, put stress on strands and create unnatural creases at the top of your hair, ruining a perfectly good blowout. This is where the fabric scrunchy comes in. It’s one way you can put up your hair (loosely) that avoids deep creases and tangles. Keeping your hair down is an option, depending on how much you know yourself to toss and turn. If you’re not sure, your best bet is to use the scrunchy to make a loose, high, bun, leaving out the front sections of your hair. Then put your noggin down on a satin pillowcase, which helps frizz from forming.

Tip #3: Shower Right

There are a couple of ways you can do the shower thing while keeping your hair intact. The first is to use a shower cap. Some suggest tying a handkerchief around your hairline first (before you don the cap) for extra protection against water — it’s up to you. Another suggestion is to wrap large sections of hair in velcro curlers, put on the shower cap and then have a shower. You’re giving your hair a volume and curl boost while you wash.

Tip #4: Reboot and Refresh

You should know the in-between-days tricks to keep your style looking fresh. The shower-curler trick is only one. The first day after your blowout, it should still look pretty fresh. Feel free to use a side part to add volume to the top or a very light-hold hairspray to keep the ends in place. The second day, limp strands can be a problem, which is why you might want to turn a straight blowout into loose waves by wrapping sections around the barrel of a medium-sized curling iron. Alternatively, you can use shine spray to keep it looking healthy and bouncing. The third and/or fourth day might show some extra shine at the roots that you don’t want: grease. This is the time to bust out your dry shampoo, follow instructions on the bottle and you’ve extend your blowout for another day. If you’re stretching it to five, six and seven days, it’s time to get creative with your updo technique. A half-up, half-down style (like side twists) can easily mask hair that’s less than perfectly clean. Braids, buns and ponies are your other standard options.

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