Get Your Glow On: Bronzers to Suit Every Skin Tone


Haven't gotten the chance to start tanning yet? It might be time for a trip to the beauty shop. The best way to fake a pre-summer glow is with the help of bronzer, and we've got a selection for every girl (or guy!) out there who has skin. But before you shop, here are some guidelines to follow when you're searching for the perfect shade.

If you have fair skin

Look for peachy or rose hues with sheer formulas. A more pigmented product can overwhelm your skin if it's really light. You can wind up looking more like a Jersey Shore reject rather than a sunkissed queen if you're not careful. But if you're a master with a bronzing brush, feel free to take a risk.

If you have medium skin

Sheer copper, bronze and earth tones are your BFF. You've already got a little pigment, so bronzer is the perfect way to punch it up. Play up your golden undertones, or if you just want a subtle shade, go with a sheer cream.

If you have deep skin

Darker girls, don't sleep on bronzer. Yes, you've got a lot built in, but if you haven't been able to get that sunkissed brownish-red or golden undertone quite yet, there are plenty of shades that can add some beautiful dimension to your complexion.

Now that you've got the rundown, get to shopping!