Top Tips for Making Your Manicure Last

We’ve all been there. Standing on the subway or sitting in a meeting when a pesky chip catches your eye. Polish may be pretty, but we all know life gets in the way of having a perfect manicure for more than a few days. Luckily, solace can be found in preventative measures and we’ve even got a few tricks that can help to extend your manicure those extra few days.



Clean nails are happy nails

As with everything, a good foundation is key to keeping your manicure in place. Any manicurist worth their polish will tell you that nail and cuticle heath has a massive impact on your overall manicure. That said, right before you paint is not the best time to go cuticle oil happy. One key factor in getting your manicure to stick is starting with a clean, dry nail. If you’re looking for a super smooth base, try a swipe of polish remover on a paper towel before you start. 

Keep cool

It may seem outdated to keep your polishes in the fridge, but it works! Heat is the enemy of your manicure. When polish gets too warm, it can get gloopy and hard to apply. Keeping it cool will give you a smoother finish and help your manicure last longer overall.

Don’t forget the tips

Topcoat is a very important step in the manicure process but many of us are forgetting a crucial area. The tip, or free edge, is an oft-overlooked area. By applying a coat of topcoat across the very tip of your nail, you’ll seal in the polish therefore stopping cracks and chips before they start. A thin top up coat every few days can also help to keep cracks at bay without adding unnecessary layers of polish.

Timing is everything

It may sound silly but think about your surroundings before starting a home manicure. Have you had dinner? Showered? Are you about to go to bed? All of these things can impact your manicure more than you think. As we mentioned above, heat can effect the longevity of your manicure — hence, why we vote to avoid an immediate shower. Similarly, we’ve all had moments where we’ve thought the polish was dry only to wake up with smudges and sheet marks in the morning. Try to let your polish dry as well as possible before exposing it to heat or moisture. This will give you the best chance of success.


Chips are inevitable. I’m sorry to say it, but no matter how cool your polish, how careful you are with your mitts, or how many times you top up, you will eventually have to take it off. If you’re in a situation where that’s not possible, like travelling or walking into a date or important dinner, a quick fix can be found in the ever-trendy land of nail art. A quick ombre can save your embarrassingly chipped nails. Don’t go too crazy – just pick a complementary colour and paint over the bottom third of the nail. It won’t be perfect but will definitely last through the night. 

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