The Only 5 Manicure Trends You Need to Try This Summer

What do Tracy Reese, Manish Arora and Nina Ricci have in common? From a fashion standpoint, not a lot. But they happen to be three designers who set the pace for the five most important manicure trends of the Spring/Summer 2014 season. What makes a mani trend important? The defining characteristic is a DIY quality that allows us to take it from runway to real way. Whether it's a type of polish available at most cosmetic counters or a technique that can be done with scotch tape and patience, the best in high fashion nails can be done in your living room.

Without further ado, here are our favorite lacquers and styles we'll be sporting til September. Stripes, metallic finishes, fresh Mentos-colored hues and a twist on French style are all included. 

images: IMAXtree