My Nightly Skincare Routine and the One Product I Use Year-Round

image: Getty

image: Getty

When it comes to skincare, I take it very seriously and believe that a proper evening regimen (and daily SPF) is part of the key to a clear, even complexion. I am constantly being asked about the specific products I use and to be perfectly honest, it depends on the season and how my skin is reacting to the weather change. The one constant product in my rotation, however, is not a fancy cream or serum — it’s a brush. Right now, I really like the Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush, which I use daily, year-round. 

clinique-brush-imageThe sonic brush is suitable for all skin types and gentle enough to use every day, which is great because I am a firm believer of never going to bed with makeup on or uncleansed skin. I begin my evening routine by using a gentle eye makeup remover since I wear mascara almost daily and then I get into my face washing. During this time of year, I apply a creamy cleanser to the dampened brush head and glide the device over my entire face for a minute. My favorite thing about the brush is the oval-shaped angled head because it provides an easy, deep cleaning of my T-zone, which is prone to blackheads.

I also feel that once my skin is thoroughly cleansed, it’s better prepared for subsequent skincare products. I follow up my face washing by applying a ferulic acid serum and a thick, moisture-packed night cream afterward. The fact that my skin is properly cleansed allows the powerful ingredients to be better absorbed and deliver the best results. So, my advice to anyone who asks is: Wash your face every evening and clear, radiant skin will inevitably follow.

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