We Rank the 10 Most Popular Women’s Fragrances of 2018


Anyone who has dashed out the door only to realize they forgot to spray on their favorite fragrance (or worse, deodorant) knows the uneasiness that comes with not feeling confident about the way you smell. In fact, research shows that physical attraction may actually be based on smell. When it comes to the best selling perfumes for women, it’s definitely all about the juice — not trends — which is why we consistently see that some of the best selling perfumes aren’t necessarily new launches. Chanel Chance, for example, launched in 2003 and takes the top position this year once again, with Coco Mademoiselle close behind.

“The tried-and-true classics continue to top the best sellers list,” says Linda G. Levy, president of The Fragrance Foundation. “These impactful fragrances speak to their respective fan base and will continue to attract new fans.” That said, she notes that there are some newbies that may soon be creeping their way onto the list. “There’s a new spring bouquet of beautiful florals that could potentially enter the top 10 later this year. Recently, Proenza Schouler’s Arizona, Hibiscus Palm by AERIN, Le Jour Se Lève by Louis Vuitton, Amo Ferragamo, Dolce & Gabbana Garden and Omnia Pink Sapphire by Bulgari launched new floral fragrances.”

In the meantime, here’s a ranking of the 10 best perfumes for women for 2018 based on popularity and sales.

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