Need Custom-Blended Foundation? There’s an App for That


Image: Courtesy

There are few things that are worse than wearing the wrong shade of foundation. The struggle is real when you’re trying to figure out if you’re more “Sand Beige” or “Beige Nude.” And unless you’re willing to spend hours on end trying every shade and formula under the sun, let us show you the easy way out.

Meet MATCHCo, the coolest beauty app to hit the scene that scans your cheeks, wrists and forehead (using your camera phone) to provide users with a unique, one-of-a-kind blended foundation. It sounded too good to be true, so we actually put it to the test on three different skin tones and let’s just say you’ll want to download it ASAP. Not only were our shades accurate, but the formula itself is a dream — it’s lightweight and has medium coverage that is buildable — plus the customized bottle with our name engraved was a nice detail.

Light Skin Tone

“I absolutely love the foundation and have been using it every day. It perfectly matches my skin and blends in seamlessly. I have super dry skin and love that the formula is hydrating — I don’t look flaky at all. It’s also really lightweight, which is important to me since I usually just use tinted moisturizer or BB cream. I really love this foundation, though, and will likely order a new bottle when this one is finished.” —Jennifer Davidson, Managing Editor

Medium Skin Tone

“This app is seriously foolproof. It took less than a couple of minutes to do the scan and the foundation accuracy is incredible. It’s great for someone who is weary of the makeup counter or has been on the search for the right shade for a long time. It feels lightweight — like a BB cream — but the coverage can be anywhere from sheer to full, which I like since sometimes I don’t like to feel too ‘done.’ The app itself is the ultimate lazy girl beauty hack if you ask me!” —Adrianna Barrionuevo, Contributing Beauty Editor

Deep Skin Tone

“I was surprised by how well the MATCHCo foundation blended with my skin. I’m growing out a tan from my trip to Miami and it captured my bronzier skin tone perfectly. I love that it’s moisturizing, which is particularly great for facing frigid NYC air. It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin and yet it offers full and total coverage, minimizing the appearance of blemishes for a flawless finish. It was a perfect match for my complexion, even trumping my go-to foundation. I’ll definitely buy it again.” —Jessica Andrews, Staff Writer