These Will Be the Most Popular Hair Colors of 2018, According to Top Stylists

You know what they say: new year, new hair color trends. And when we say new, we mean brand-spanking new. From the pastel-rimmed crowns at Sies Marjan to Marc Jacobs’ punky, turquoise bowl cuts to Miu Miu’s wild, raspberry curls, the Fall 2018 runways were a Technicolor feast for hair lovers’ platinum-weary eyes. But would these seemingly hard-to-pull-off hair color trends have legs? Would they trickle down to the general, time-strapped public? Would subtler looks, like our beloved balayage, now be considered passé?

In search of answers, we sought out some of the top hairstylists in the industry and asked them to list the most popular hair color trends of 2018. And the results were, in a word, refreshing. See what they had to say in the slideshow above.

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