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Miley Cyrus Goes Glam (Rock) for ELLE’s August 2019 Cover

Ever since she took over the helm of American ELLE back in 2018, our forums have had a newfound respect for Nina Garcia, partly due to the fact she’s revitalized the magazine by delivering a whole host of A-list cover stars (including Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Michelle Obama). Garcia also gave ELLE its first transgender cover star, Indya Moore. For the mag’s August 2019 issue, Garcia picked Miley Cyrus for the cover decked out in a glam rock look supplied by George Cortina and shot by Mario Sorrenti.

US Elle August 2019 : Miley Cyrus by Mario Sorrenti


But our forums weren’t feeling it. “That’s it?” asked MON.

“The cover styling looks like something they’d use on Taylor Swift. In fact, Taylor Swift would probably inhabit this look with more confidence. Here, it’s just unappealing from start to finish,” critiqued Benn98.

“I’m so sad that Cortina is involved in this mess,” expressed a disapproving Lola701.

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“Mario Sorrenti behind the lens and we get this? Disappointing to say the least, complete missed opportunity for something great — even with Miley Cyrus on the cover. The cover shot itself is completely lackluster, a nonevent and they need to seriously stop with the pink masthead already!” declared vogue28.

Handbag Queen was also unhappy with the outcome: “Her hairstyle is making her look much older than she is.”

“They aged her 10 years with that hooker styling. I don’t expect much from Miley, but they could have done so much better with her,” noted GivenchyHomme.

“I have a soft spot for Miley, but not soft enough to tolerate this,” confessed KissMiss.

SLFC felt the same way: “This is lazy and boring. ELLE had a good run this year. I guess every month can’t be expected to be good.”

Check out the accompanying cover feature and be sure to share your thoughts here.

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Tennis Star Naomi Osaka Scores Allure’s August 2019 Cover

You’ll often catch us down at the newsstand shaking our heads in sheer disbelief at the sight of the same old faces greeting us time and time again, but this month, a select few magazines heard our desperate cries. Marie Claire just gave us a brilliant Missy Elliott cover, Ariana Grande made her debut on Vogue and now Allure has opted for some fresh new talent for August 2019. The mag picked rising tennis star Naomi Osaka to go before the lens of Wai Lin Tse captured under the blue skies of Mallorca.

Allure August 2019 : Naomi Osaka by Wai Lin Tse


Did Naomi deserve better? “Weird pose. And I don’t like how her face is almost entirely covered by her hair,” critiqued mikel.

“Playing imaginary tennis by the sea. It’s a beauty magazine and hair is an important part of that — but showcasing her hair seems more important than seeing the person behind it,” added tigerrouge.

“All sorts of awful, dislike just about everything the cover has to offer in terms of photography, styling and direction, but I admire the fact Allure has endorsed Naomi Osaka as opposed to Serena Williams showing up on her umpteenth fashion magazine cover,” vogue28 chimed in.

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“It’s a refreshing cover and also glad that they chose Osaka, but there are a lot of things about it that could’ve been done better,” commented SLFC.

But not everyone was left underwhelmed. “Great cover choice! Happy to see Naomi get a cover! There are more athletes besides Serena out there!” raved mathiaskatz.

“Naomi Osaka is a good choice for a cover — a true rising star! And I do like the cover, too, despite the hair. The cover line and the pose go together. She’s quite shy so I think the pose kind of brings out her true personality, which makes me warm up to the cover,” reasoned TommysBaby.

Benn98 liked the cover, too. “Very happy to see her book such a big cover! She’s beating Serena again, fair and square, LOL! The styling looks great against that setting and I oddly enough like the pose.”

Allure August 2019 : Naomi Osaka by Wai Lin Tse


Check out the rest of Naomi’s cover shoot and be sure to join the conversation here.

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Steven Meisel Captures Models in Motion for Max Mara’s Fall 2019 Campaign

There’s a certain roster of models, photographers, stylists, brands and magazines our forum members are bias toward. Steven Meisel’s one of those photographers who can almost do no wrong. Just like his advertising campaigns for Moschino and Zara, Meisel’s campaigns for Max Mara always impress (like Fall 2017 with Grace Elizabeth, Spring 2018 with Cara Taylor, Pre-Fall 2018 with Fei Fei Sun and last season’s extravaganza). The Italian fashion brand’s Fall 2019 campaign follows suit with Meisel shooting a whole host of models, including Mona Tougaard, Emily Driver, Bente Oort, Anok Yai and Hyun Ji Shin, leaping across the studio in the classic and chic photos.

Max Mara F/W 2019.20 by Steven Meisel


Our forums were head over heels for the campaign. “Stunning girls, stunning ad. Max Mara never lets me down,” applauded mathiaskatz.

“Undoubtedly one of my favorite fashion campaigns ever. Meisel magic!” raved Ed..

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“It’s very dynamic and it sells the clothes in the way ad campaigns did before the 2010s, I like it,” approved dodencebt.

Sharing the same enthusiasm toward the campaign was bluestar: “Love the energy of this campaign. The clothes look great and the girls look beautiful.”

Max Mara F/W 2019.20 by Steven Meisel


“This campaign has grown on me to no end, transporting me back to the good old days when American Vogue would be filled with those jumping editorials shot in the studio. Meisel captured the collection perfectly against the white backdrop, love the sense of motion with each image, too!” said Vogue28.

“Classic Max Mara. I loooove this!” declared Royal-Galliano.

“I really do love this campaign. Really feels nostalgic in the best way,” agreed kenndale.

“Simple, but effective enough. Emily (above) looks like a pro,” noted ForTheImage.

“Emily looks amazing! Love Max Mara ads,” commented anlabe32.

Also quick to point out their favorite models was bluebanter: “Wow, I love this campaign. Mona and Hyun Ji are my favorites here.”

Max Mara F/W 2019.20 by Steven Meisel


See the full campaign in all its glory and share your thoughts with us here.

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Nothing but Love for Missy Elliott’s Marie Claire August 2019 Cover

If you’ve visited your local newsstand recently, you’ve probably noticed your favorite fashion glossies are sticking with the same old cover stars (Harper’s Bazaar and Jennifer Aniston and British Vogue plus Kate Moss are prime examples). But Marie Claire continues to think outside the box by giving its August 2019 cover to Missy Elliott. A total treat, Missy sports an embroidered Dolce & Gabbana coat picked by June Ambrose for the eye-catching cover shot by Micaiah Carter.

US Marie Claire August 2019 : Missy Elliott by Micaiah Carter


Members of our forums were ecstatic. “I’ll take everything! The hideous jacket, the OTT hair and that gaudy necklace because she’s the only one who can make it work. So happy she got this cover and wow, Micaiah Carter getting mainstream support. This entire effort screams brave and ballsy, which I like,” applauded Benn98.

Hallelujah! Fabulous! I don’t even care about the cover itself, just having Missy is enough for me!” praised Lola701.

“Very happy to see Missy!” exclaimed KateTheGreatest.

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Marie Claire really ups the ante when it comes to diversity this year. I like this cover. For some reason, the gaudiness has a surreal, camp-like quality to it. The overall effort is that rare occasion where maximalism manages to provide us with a feast for the eyes instead of an eyesore,” raved Ken Doll Jenner.

Forum member happycanadian is also a fan: “Completely and utterly in love with this. Missy looks sensational.”

“What a nice surprise! I like the way this edition has gone with the magazine, not always visually, but there have been some strong choices,” noted honeycombchild.

“I love everything about this. The true queen of hip-hop,” declared KINGofVERSAILLES.

US Marie Claire August 2019 : Missy Elliott by Micaiah Carter


See Missy’s cover feature in full and join the conversation here.

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Ariana Grande’s Givenchy Fall 2019 Campaign Is Finally Here

Our forums were sent into utter turmoil back in May when Givenchy announced Ariana Grande as its new brand ambassador. After numerous teasers splashed across social media, we finally get to see the singer showcase Clare Waight Keller’s sleek, sophisticated and elegant Fall 2019 collection. Photographed by Craig McDean and styled by Law Roach (a firm favorite of Ariana), Vogue‘s current cover girl strikes poses in the studio before a clean backdrop, leaving our forum members speechless.

Givenchy F/W 2019.20 : Ariana Grande by Craig McDean


“The collaboration NO ONE asked for!” declared grimm.

“It makes no sense and Ariana doesn’t fit Clare’s Givenchy at all (since she doesn’t really have her own style, just that annoying fake ponytail). But I don’t think it’s Clare’s fault that they picked Grande, it’s just the PR division that is to blame here. They have no clue what they are doing,” commented perhydrol.

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“Wait, this is really the main campaign, I thought it was going to be for a perfume or something! I can’t believe someone thought Ariana would be a good fit for that collection and I also can’t believe her team agreed to this,” exclaimed dodencebt.

Lola701 wasn’t feeling it, either. “It’s Clare’s fault. She is responsible for everything in the fashion department. This is all her fault. This woman has no vision for Givenchy…”

“Arivenchy? This feels so embarrassing and out of touch. Does Givenchy not have a marketing team? Ariana is about 100 light years away from Givenchy’s image, style, brand, whatever you wanna call it,” disapproved Melancholybaby.

“A tragedy. Like I said when this was announced, this pairing makes no sense and the result is even worse than expected. The green suit photos are ridiculous, her makeup is a mess and none of this is believable,” scoffed mistress_f.

Are you a fan of Arivenchy? Join the debate here.

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Irina Shayk Is Pretty in Pink on Harper’s Bazaar’s Summer 2019 Digital Cover

Models have become a rare sight on mainstream American fashion glossies. (The last time a model graced the cover of Harper’s Bazaar was over a year ago.) But U.S. Harper’s Bazaar just broke its no-model streak by featuring Irina Shayk on its digital edition. The Russian beauty has quite a few covers under her belt, including Vogue Brazil, Vogue Japan and Vogue Turkey. She’s also recently appeared in campaigns for Versace and Moschino. Photographed by Zoey Grossman, Irina wears a pink Brandon Maxwell creation (picked by Charles Varenne) for the online cover.

US Harper's Bazaar 'Digital Edition' Summer 2019 : Irina Shayk by Zoey Grossman


Members of our forums were quick to share their thoughts about the cover. “Hate the font. And I suppose despite her breakup with Bradley she’ll still be showing up everywhere?” questioned marsnoop2.

“As she should! She is a successful working model,” fired back Lola701. “And let’s not act like a lot of famous models didn’t have a boost in their careers after a successful relationship with a high profile celebrity.”

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“She practically invented Bradley Cooper,” laughed A.D.C.

“Irina is absolutely stunning and doesn’t need a man to get her the spotlight,” noted jorgepalomo.

SLFC felt exactly the same way: “It’s good to see Irina getting a lot more work. She’s drop-dead gorgeous.”

“This editorial is amazing. Sexy, luxurious and Irina looks absolutely great,” raved GivenchyAddict.

“That editorial is stunning!” declared MON.

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