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Jean-Paul Goude Photographs Lily-Rose Depp for Chanel’s Fabulously Festive N°5 L’Eau Campaign

We’re always down for some festive glamour as the holiday season approaches and Chanel’s new campaign for its N°5 L’Eau fragrance delivers just that. The Chanel advertising campaigns for all forms of its signature scent have been nothing short of spectacular over the years and have included everyone from Nicole Kidman to Gisele Bündchen. Chanel brand ambassador Lily-Rose Depp is back as the face of the fashion house’s N°5 L’Eau fragrance, bringing us joy as she perches on top of a ginormous perfume bottle while gazing into a snow globe for the Jean-Paul Goude-shot image.

Chanel 'No. 5 L'Eau' Fragrance Holiday 2019 : Lily-Rose Depp by Jean-Paul Goude


The campaign put our forum members in a festive mood. “Really love this shot! Very magical, definitely one of Goude’s best for this brand,” approved Benn98.

“Goude’s campaigns for Chanel perfumes are always the best!” declared aracic.

“That is a great shot! It’s beautiful and fun! We need more of this in fashion,” applauded GivenchyHomme.

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“Fabulous! Always love me some festive glamour around the holiday period and this will do just fine. I am in complete agreement with everyone who believes Jean-Paul Goude is a credit to Chanel…” echoed vogue28.

Lola701 shared the same sentiment: “Finally! The return of Jean-Paul Goude! He is the only one that does this kind of tongue-in-cheek/cheesy adverts well. If I was the creative director of Chanel beauty, he would shoot all the perfume campaigns.”

“The shot is perfect. If I saw it in a magazine, I’d go to the nearest perfumery to try the fragrance,” said apple.

Do you love the campaign as much as we do? Join the conversation here.

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Daisy Ridley Stars on Marie Claire’s Simply Stunning Holiday 2019 Cover

Despite 2019 not being the best year for print publications, you have to hand it to Marie Claire. The mag has managed to stay relevant by giving us covers featuring big-name stars like Penélope Cruz, Sandra Oh, Charlize Theron, Tessa Thompson, Missy Elliott, Cara Delevingne, Awkwafina and Regina King over the past 12 months. Now Marie Claire gives us the gift of Daisy Ridley on the cover of its annual holiday edition. (The actress’ last notable appearance down at the newsstand was for Glamour‘s January 2018 issue.) Styled in a cream crochet dress by Celine courtesy of Joseph Errico, Daisy stuns in the simply beautiful portrait cover shot captured by Nicole Nodland.

US Marie Claire Holiday 2019 : Daisy Ridley by Nicole Nodland


The cover proved to be a winner with our forum members. “Love the simplicity of it all. No gimmicks (other than the necklace), just a beautiful portrait of a beautiful English girl,” wrote Benn98.

“What a beautiful portrait!” admired jorgepalomo.

“A stunning portrait indeed! Very suitable and perfect for Marie Claire,” echoed aracic.

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“Such a lovely shot and cover,” applauded mikel.

In agreement over how beautiful everything looked was dfl-001: “That’s a damn beautiful portrait.”

“Stunning. Sometimes simple portraits like this work better than pretentious artsy covers…” voiced crmsnsnwflks.

Not everyone loved the cover, however. “This to me looks like a May issue, not the holidays. It’s beautiful though, but I want something festive. So far, I’ve gotten nothing. Are we ignoring the holidays this year?” asked KateTheGreatest.

“Don’t get the praise. The cover makes her look like a 45-year-old woman,” said Karl Boucher.

Check out Daisy’s cover feature and join the conversation here.

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Renée Zellweger’s InStyle December 2019 Cover Receives Mixed Reviews

If we gave out an award for Editor of the Year, InStyle‘s Laura Brown would undoubtedly be a contender thanks to her impeccable cover choices. In 2019 alone, Brown has dropped covers featuring Melissa McCarthy, Ciara, the cast of Big Little Lies, Priyanka Chopra, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Aniston and Elle Fanning. Now the mag closes out the year with Renée Zellweger. Shot by Sebastian Faena and styled by Julia von Boehm, the actress poses barefoot wearing an embellished Miu Miu number for the newsstand cover (below) and dons a black Dolce & Gabbana bodysuit on the subscribers’ cover (after the jump).

US InStyle December 2019 : Renée Zellweger by Sebastian Faena


But the covers divided our forums. “I actually really like the cover and once again Laura has her finger on the pulse. I hope Renée has a great awards run; seeing her on the red carpet is always wonderful!” raved dodencebt.

“I think Laura did a great job again,” admired caioherrero.

“Must admit that I did expect InStyle to go all out with the festive glamour this month, but I cannot deny that’s a beautiful cover (and still kinda festive with the embellishments on the Miu Miu dress). Renée has photographed beautifully here, the team has done her justice!” praised vogue28.

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MON was also a fan: “I like the second cover. It has this sultry vibe to it.”

Although not everyone fell head over heels. “I know the lemon juice squint will, as usual, rub a lot of people wrong, but honestly, she looks great other than that. I don’t like her hair and I don’t think the dress she’s wearing is suitable for the mood on the first cover,” noted Benn98.

“The way they’ve Photoshopped her head on her neck on the first cover is disturbing. It’s obvious the head came from a different shot,” an eagle-eyed mikel pointed out.

“Too artificial. She actually looks like she’s made of plastic on that second cover!” proclaimed dfl-001.

US InStyle December 2019 : Renée Zellweger by Sebastian Faena


Artificial or amazing? Sound off and share your thoughts here.

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Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska Join Forces for V Magazine’s Winter 2019 Cover

V Magazine has undoubtedly lost its edge over recent years and the only two covers to capture our attention lately featured Lady Gaga and Bella Hadid. Following an underwhelming 20th anniversary celebration back in August, the magazine unveils its Winter 2019 installment starring the three actresses from the upcoming Charlie’s Angels remake: Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska. The trio huddle together in the Carin Backoff-shot cover, each wearing a crop top from Chanel and a pair of Guess blue jeans picked by Karen Langley.

V Magazine #122 Winter 2019 : Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott & Ella Balinska by Carin Backoff


But the cover was a big flop on our forums. “Crikey, what have they done to the flawless Naomi Scott? Everything is a miss, from the hair to the makeup to the styling,” ranted Benn98 the moment the cover dropped.

“Does anyone buy this magazine? This is pure trash now,” called out caioherrero.

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“I like the idea of jeans with Chanel…but this is still a little too Glamour magazine for me,” said Xone.

Nomar was also quick to critique the styling: “They look like a bunch of rich teenagers trying to be edgy.”

MON wasn’t impressed by the cover shot, either. “What an utter disservice to the beauty of Naomi and Ella. They should have never extended the logo beyond their faces.”

“The Chanel tops paired with Guess jeans was a good call; teenagers will probably eat it right up just like they will this unnecessary remake,” commented dodencebt.

Forum member phungnam96 simply called the cover “basic.”

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Several Models of the Moment Come Together for Chanel’s Chic Cruise 2020 Campaign

We’re still grieving the loss of Karl Lagerfeld so it’s hard to believe we’ve already had four collections and one mainline advertising campaign since his departure. The Chanel Fall 2019 campaign introduced Virginie Viard’s chic aesthetic to the famed French fashion house and the new ads for the brand’s Cruise 2020 collection follow suit. Models-of-the-moment Adut Akech, Anna Ewers, Fran Summers, Jing Wen, Kerolyn Soares, Kiki Willems and Vittoria Ceretti pose before a white backdrop for photographer Karim Sadli as the ladies showcase the travel-inspired collection in the campaign styled by Max Pearmain.

Chanel Resort 2020 : Jing, Adut, Fran, Kerolyn, Kiki, Anna & Vittoria by Karim Sadli


Less is always more, right? The campaign divided our forums. “Absolutely terrible products. I never thought I’d see the day that Chanel looked cheap, but here we are! The jackets look like they’re made of terry cloth, then they’re styled with those $2 leggings. To top it off is a belt made of leftover chains and gift wrap ribbons. What a disaster!” proclaimed GivenchyHomme.

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“Karl knew how to pull this off, but unfortunately these people don’t. You can’t have uneventful clothes and an uneventful campaign. Had they used some more dynamic poses, like Max Mara, something playful and fun, this could’ve been a fantastic campaign because it would be harder to notice the weak clothes that look like knockoffs,” aracic ranted.

Chanel Resort 2020 : Jing, Adut, Fran, Kerolyn, Kiki, Anna & Vittoria by Karim Sadli


Benn98 was also unimpressed. “The looks in the first shot don’t seem very far from Escada. Didn’t pick that up from the runway collection. Not a great sign for Chanel. And these shots seem far too commercial.”

But not everyone was unhappy with the outcome. “It’s not bad. It’s not offensive. But it’s not very inspiring. I seriously get a vibe that Virginie is just a palate cleanser before they appoint a new CD who will take Chanel in a new direction. Everything about her creative choices is textbook. Beautifully executed. Well-designed. But not much to desire,” reasoned TaylorBinque.

“Max Pearmain doing Chanel! I’m here for it… I think the campaign perfectly evokes the spirit of some of Karl’s best and simpler campaigns at Chanel,” testified Lola701.

“The black and white portraits are the best,” noted dfwn2n.

Chanel Resort 2020 : Jing, Adut, Fran, Kerolyn, Kiki, Anna & Vittoria by Karim Sadli


Check out Chanel’s latest campaign in full and join the conversation here.

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Lady Gaga Brings the Glamour for ELLE’s December 2019 Cover

All the big-name celebrities are flocking to ELLE, largely due to the fact that Nina Garcia has propelled the magazine to new heights since she took over the reins of the American fashion glossy back in 2018. Just this year, Garcia gave covers to Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Graham, Gigi Hadid, Indya Moore, Lizzo and a whole host of others. She continues to impress as we wave goodbye to 2019 by picking Lady Gaga for the mag’s December 2019 cover. Decked out in Marc Jacobs, the singer/actress/makeup mogul returns to the cover a year after her last appearance, posing before the lens of photographer Sølve Sundsbø in grand style.

US Elle December 2019 : Lady Gaga by Sølve Sundsbø


The majority of our forum members had nothing but praise for Gaga’s latest cover. “In a sea of hideous December covers, this one is certainly a win in my book. It’s festive and fun despite being a simple studio portrait. Gaga looks absolutely beautiful…” raved aracic.

“Lady Gaga in Marc Jacobs is a winner in my book!” heralded GERGIN.

“This is a very good cover in my book! It feels December, but without it being too cliché,” proclaimed [Piece Of Me].


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Sharing the same sentiment was LastNight: “I love this. It’s overly styled, overly sweet and yet it works perfectly. The cover will undoubtedly pop on the newsstand and it has a festive quality to it without relying on red, green or gold.”

“I’m not mad at it at all. They actually managed to deliver a cover that’s very Gaga and yet a kind of fresh take on her. It should stand out well on newsstands,” said MyNameIs.

But the cover didn’t suit everyone’s taste. “Nothing looks as if it fits, in any sense of the word. The clothes don’t fit her, the makeup doesn’t fit the clothes, the hat doesn’t fit the season. The only saving grace is her confidence in being able to carry off the most ludicrous of looks,” noted tigerrouge.

Benn98 was in the same frame of mind. “Not for me, the makeup is too much, especially the Jessica Rabbit lips. And that shade of yellow is quite ugly. We’ve been seeing a lot of hats on covers and none of them seem to get it right.”

Check out Gaga’s cover feature and share your thoughts here.