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Arizona Muse Is Vogue Mexico’s May Cover Girl (Forum Buzz)

Snagging yet another cover is Arizona Muse, who is Vogue Mexico's cover model of choice for May 2014. The American beauty was photographed by Nagi Sakai and wears Vera Wang in a rather beautiful shot. This certainly isn't Muse's first Vogue cover, the Estée Lauder spokesperson has fronted a dozen of them (her Vogue Paris November 2011 cover being my personal favorite).

Vogue Mexico May 2014 Arizona Muse


"She snatches Vogue covers month after month, it's like the only thing she does now," writes TheoG, noting the number of Vogue covers Muse has to her name.

Bertrando3 was happy to see Ms. Arizona: "She looks stunning, I'm really fond of her from the beginning. It's nice to see her keep booking Vogue covers and maintaining a high fashion profile."

"I remember when Arizona Muse was a thing… It's nice to still see her pop up every now and then…" commented A.D.C.

Below is an "alternative" cover, which Mexican Vogue regularly releases alongside their actual covers:

Alternative cover of Vogue Mexico Mat 2014 Arizona Muse


"She looks really good on the first cover. The second one's nice, but it looks random for a cover," writes justaguy.

Nepenthes commented, "Arizona looks gorgeous on the first cover [despite] the awkward layout. The second one is just okay."

Urban Stylin was tired of seeing these Chanel pieces and wrote, "Love it, the first especially, the dress in the second is over used." I, on the other hand, am loving the use of all of these Chanel pieces — I adore that print!

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