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Lana Del Rey Continues to Get Magazine Covers (Forum Buzz)

If you’re not sick of Lana Del Rey’s pretty face just yet, then you’re in luck, because here are two more magazines that have plastered her image on their covers. Ellen Von Unwerth shot Lana for one of Lovecat’s two Spring 2012 covers (Alison Mosshart is on the other), and Terry Richardson photographed Lana for T: The New York Times Style Magazine. Both of the covers are working for me, but many forum members seem to have reached maximum capacity when it comes to Lana.

Lana Del Rey by Ellen Von Unwerth for Lovecat Spring 2012Lana Del Rey by Terry Richardson - T Magazine

“Oh Lord, is she starting to be the next Lady Gaga?” asked fluxxx. “Seriously, I'm starting to get sick of seeing her everywhere. Yes, she photographs nicely, but again, I’m so sick of seeing her everywhere.”

“I think she is getting on people's nerves because frankly it is getting to be too much with her on the covers, and I don’t know why her people are letting her do every cover under the sun! Especially considering how many people dislike her, and this does not help, but I like her photos [for Lovecat], she looks amazing,” Miss Dalloway posted.

Lana Del Rey by Ellen Von Unwerth for Lovecat Spring 2012Lana Del Rey by Ellen Von Unwerth for Lovecat Spring 2012

Lana Del Rey in Lovecat, photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth

Ives927 for one, is still in Lana’s corner. “Hate hate hate. Keep hating,” he challenged. “I'm not even gonna try to defend her from nasty comments. It's not even worth it. You're only adding more to her hype and getting her name out there. Fine by me. Love the simplicity of the [T] cover. Really excited to see Lana,” he wrote.

Lana Del Rey by Terry Richardson - T MagazineLana Del Rey by Terry Richardson - T Magazine

Lana Del Rey in T, photographed by Terry Richardson

The way I see it, Lana Del Rey can go either way at the moment. She can continue to ride her fifteen minutes of fame and over-saturate the market with her image, or she can rise above the hype and bounce back from her lousy (and now notorious) SNL appearance by working on her live performances and proving to everyone that she’s more than just a pretty face with a manufactured pop career. I liked her music when I first discovered her, so I hope she follows the latter path.

Images: Lovecat,, and via the Fashion Spot forums.