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Vogue China’s June Cover Goes to Faye Wong (Forum Buzz)

Chinese-Hong Kong singer-songwriter and actress Faye Wong has landed the cover of Vogue China's June issue. Photographed by Emma Summerton and wearing a top and skirt from Céline's Pre-Fall collection, the cover is very minimal, which is always a welcome surprise, right?

Vogue China June 2014 Faye Wong


Perhaps not for our forum members, who were not so forgiving. Bertrando3 laced right into the cover, writing, "It's an awkward cover that could have worked but actually doesn't: the pose doesn't help first of all, then the white background with the white blouse, the black skirt which appears too strong and makes her look big, the layout is barely working and her facial impression is like: 'doubt.' It doesn't work for me as a cover, but it's not awful."

"The pose is really awkward and her facial expression doesn't help at all," commented fluxxx.

Kuli trendy was pleased to see Wong: "I don't care with the pose… I'm just surprised it's Faye Wong on the cover of VC…"

"I love Faye. She definitely deserves a Vogue China cover, and she looks gorgeous here," wrote JoCaderone.

As did gossiping, who wrote, "Love what she is wearing, very clean cover. I like!"

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