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Sui He Dares to Wear Jeans on the Cover of Vogue Thailand (Forum Buzz)

When Anna Wintour decided to showcase a pair of Guess jeans on the cover of Vogue back in the 80s, the fashion industry went crazy. Negative reactions to Vogue Thailand‘s latest, however, prove that jeans aren’t always a welcomed sight on the cover of the famed glossy. For May 2015, Sui He leaps across the studio for photographer Stockton Johnson, looking rather effortless in blue denim flares teamed with a navy cut-out vest and pinstriped blazer.

Our feisty forum members are less than impressed. “Jeans? Seriously?” questioned GlamorousBoy the moment the cover surfaced, setting the tone of more comments to come.

“This is the first Vogue Thailand cover which I am not overfond of. Loathe the denim masthead. It looks like a preview cover, based on a U.K. Vogue editorial,” added Benn98.

MON wasn’t impressed either: “This looks like a U.K. Vogue More Dash Than Cash supplement (in association with H&M). The jeans masthead is so 2006! The styling feels so dated. The colors are too dark. Nothing here works. What a huge downgrade from last month’s cover.”

“Jeans, seriously? Do they know the magazine they are spawned from? The one whose title they have on their masthead? To paraphrase Anna Wintour, Where’s the glamour? This is Vogue. Let’s lift it a little,” sniggered A.D.C. in horror.

Feeling the same was Bertrando3: “It does look like the H&M supplement for British Vogue indeed! Good for Sui but the cover does not have anything special, it looks very commercial and not high fashion though, so that bothers me since it’s part of the Vogue family.”

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