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Even Naomi Campbell Can’t Pull Off The Pink Wig and Garish Makeup on Vogue Portugal’s February Cover (Forum Buzz)

Major snaps for Vogue Portugal this month, having just dropped an original cover shoot featuring none other than modeling sensation Naomi Campbell. An original cover story marks a change for the Portuguese edition of Vogue since it regularly delivers reprints (even though the mag often still nails it). Going all out and tapping photographer An Le, the Brit beauty looks fierce in dramatic makeup, complemented by a hot pink wig for the eye-catching shot.

Vogue Portugal February 2016 : Naomi Campbell by An Le


Was the cover enough to impress our feisty forum members, though? “I get that Naomi’s face is mangled now and not that easy to shoot. But my god, this woman defined an industry so please please please Fabien [Baron] and his team work with her — and not these lesser knowns that turn her into some wax figure,” slammed Phuel.

“This would have been a great Interview Germany cover! But for Vogue, the hair is just ridiculous,” justaguy mocked.

Benn98 wasn’t exactly shouting from the rooftops, either: “Yikes, I’ve seen streetwalkers looking better than her! Why must it look so tacky? Clumped mascara, cheap pink hair…and I get the feeling she’s wearing thigh-boots. I normally quite like An Le’s photography, not sure what happened here.”

“I actually don’t mind this at all! The necklace really throws me off but the rest is ok!” said Nepenthes, disagreeing with the majority.

“The necklace is throwing you off…? What about the extra long neck? She’s wearing a wide choker and she still has nearly a full neck showing on top of that LOL. Models have longer than average necks, but not to the point of alien-proportions. Who worked on the post? E.T.?” asked Phuel in response, throwing the cover even more shade.

Also unimpressed was tigerrouge, complaining, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a newsstand cover where the masthead was so obliterated by the image.”

Oh, dear. Are you a fan of Vogue Portugal’s February cover? Join our discussion here.