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Jessica Paré Covers Fashion Magazine: Exquisite or Eighties?

We don’t tend to hear much about Montreal-born actress Jessica Paré, who you may know better as Mad Men’s Megan Draper. Unlike the show's hustling Christina Hendricks and January Jones, Jessica keeps a pretty low profile, even for someone as forward and pushy as her character can sometimes appear. She lays low in Hollywood, but it’s nice to see her finally on the March cover of Fashion magazine, waving the flag for Québécoise talent and looking hawt while doing so.


In the cover shoot, Jessica wears a $2195 white dress by Kaufmanfranco and $650 statement earrings by Tom Binns. Her hair is back-combed into an almost 80s-style blowout, while her eyes are lined with a smoky, midnight blue kohl. Overall it’s a rather nostalgic ensemble, which I’m not too sure is the best look for someone who spends so much time in period costume anyway. Nonetheless, Jessica has her own views on style, which is divulged in between the gushing love for her hometown.

On her fashionable upbringing:
Dressing up is a big deal in Montreal—there is some wacky sh*t that goes on in that city, fashion wise– but it’s really all about being an individual and having your own voice and expressing yourself.

On her idol:
I’m a huge Marlene Dietrich fan. She’s got this raunchy kind of strength. It would be hard to find a man who could come up with something hard for her to handle. She’s seen it all and done it all. I read her biography as a kid and it stayed with me since.

On starting a family:
I do want kids. I am dating [musician] John Kastner—who is also from Montreal. We’ve been together for 4 years so we have discussions. There’s something about meeting someone from your hometown… you have a lot in common with them. Montreal is a special place in the world to be from—there is nowhere like it so we understand each other.

So I guess that explains her aloof Hollywood existence — she’s just too busy hanging with the artsy, fashion-forward folk of Montreal. Doesn’t that make you love her just a little bit more?

Extract and Photo via Fashion magazine