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LFW: A GirlInMenswear Wins the British Fashion Council’s Blogger Award

During London Fashion Week, we were invited along to brunch with the Dazed Group and the British Fashion Council to discuss independent publishing and fashion blogging.

The event saw Jefferson Hack, the Editorial Director and Co-Founder of Dazed & Confused, award the blog GirlInMenswear with the British Fashion Council’s Blogger Award to the best-in-class editor of the BFC’s accredited fashion bloggers. And as the winning blog’s strap line explains, it’s not just for girls and it’s not just about menswear, but it is definitely worth a peek if you’re looking for some rather clever outfit inspiration.

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The editor of GirlInMenswear, Sophia Marinho, won the exciting opportunity to work as a guest contributor across The Dazed Group’s platforms, which also includes its latest Indie venture OtherMode.

Events such as these are very close to Hack’s heart, as he’s pioneered indie publishing throughout his career, and so he also took the opportunity to treat us to an interview with his fellow industry pioneer Diane Pernet, an original fashion blogger, and of course, founder of A Shaded View On Fashion. She was amongst the first journalists to embrace the power of the Internet, helping her to become a world-renowned fashion critic and video journalist.

What did we take away from Pernet’s interview? In an era where digital is booming and we’re almost becoming saturated with new interactive social mediums, it’s time for designers and brands alike to forget their fears and explore these opportunities even further. It’s this kind of innovative, fearless attitude which has of course helped her own career to thrive over the years. And you can’t get straighter to the point than with her advice that "if you really want to do something, try it, and if you fail, do something else."