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Media Giant Condé Nast Expands with a New Line of High-End Frozen Meals

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Which prestigious print publisher is moving into the glamorous, high stakes world of prepackaged frozen food? Media giant Condé Nast is diversifying and expanding its product line to include frozen meals. High-end frozen meals (naturally). 

Health and wellness publication Self, a Condé property, is launching a frozen food line called Self Healthy Kitchen. “A lot of women reading our magazine are working late and come home hungry, and I wanted to have a healthy option in the freezer,” the publication's editor in chief, Lucy Danziger, told AdWeek

Although frozen food is a first for Condé Nast, the publisher is entering a growing market: according to a trade report issued last September, the frozen food market is projected to grow to $293.75 billion globally by 2019, up from $224.74 billion in 2012.

The Self Healthy Kitchen line is rolling out to grocery stores in 37 states and for $4.99, which is a little above the market price. 

"$5 each = no way," said one commenter on Self's Facebook page

Danziger explains that the price was set to reflect the products' quality and value: "I think that the difference between what we’re trying to do and what other people are trying to do is that we’re sourcing the best ingredients we can find anywhere. We spared no expense, so the fact that it’s a little more expensive, I think that translates to the taste.” 

[via Adweek | h/t Alexander Fury]