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The Only Dress You’ll Ever Need: The Greta Constantine Infinity Frock

​Ok, so claiming this as the ONLY dress you’ll never need may be something of an exaggeration, but the endless versatility of this Greta Constantine frock means I’ll happily fill my closet with one of every color this summer! So what’s all the fuss about?


Firsts things first, if you haven’t yet heard of Greta Constantine, it’s an accessible luxury line of ready-to-wear women’s clothing based in Toronto, Canada. The designs come courtesy of Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong who for years have been building a steady clientele of international socialites and celebrity fans. Greta was the name of Stephen’s mother and Constantine was that of Kirk’s father in case you were wondering.

But on to the Infinity dress… the definition of provocative. The very piece to bring out your devil-may-care attitude and Lady Scarlett sex appeal as you ponder the prospect of murdering Colonel Mustard in the library with a dagger. It can be worn any way you want in order to transform yourself from one lady in red to the next with the simple flick of some fabric.

Sport as a halter, a cross-body draped back or one-shouldered design, either way the rules are yours to obey or break on a whim. Best of all, its slinky, lightweight fabric will keep you cool, while the racing color ensures everyone around will get hot under the collar. Stockists include Holt Renfrew, MAXI Boutique Toronto, and TNT Montreal, but if you haven’t quite got the cash to splurge (most GC dresses retail around the $1000), then head on over to the company blog where they’re running a contest to win the dress that will end all dresses.

Image via Greta Constantine