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Link Buzz: Did Last Year’s Rana Plaza Factory Collapse Change the Way You Buy Clothes?

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  • The Guardian approached young fashion student types in Granary Square, London — the home of top fashion school Central Saint Martins — and asked whether last year's Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh changed the way they buy clothing. [The Guardian]
  • On a slightly lighter British-related note, the founders behind ASOS and Achica have launched a luxury e-commerce site for pets — "Think of it as" [The Independent]
  • In honor of Earth Day, why not consider swapping some organic products into your skincare routine? [BellaSugar]
  • Or — depending on where your allegiances lie — maybe you'd prefer to prefer to sue your discretionary income to support the GOP? For a limited time only, a donation of $35 or more gets a pair of colorful limited-edition George H. W. Bush striped socks.  [Racked]
  • This summer, wearing a full skirt will not have you mistaken for an Amish person. [FabSugar]
  • Bonus: Brian Lehrer devotes his show today to Earth Day and talking about the state of the environment. Both the full episode and standalone segments are available on-demand on the WNYC website. [WNYC]