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‘Black Widow’ Patrizia Reggiani Wants a Job at Gucci

Gucci runway model

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Entitlement is a curious thing. It deludes even the most undeserving into thinking they're owed something, no matter what they did or who they are. Such is the case for Patrizia Reggiani, AKA the Black Widow, who is being released from her 16-year prison sentence for ordering a 1995 hit on her late husband, Maurizio Gucci, heir to the Gucci fortune. Reggiani was imprisoned back in 1998 and now that she's soon to be a free woman, she thinks that the good people at Gucci should give her a job. Wait, what?

For the past three years, Reggiani's been allowed one day a week on the outside, to work in a Milan jewelry store. But her professional goals seem to extend beyond the shopgirl life. “I dream of returning to Gucci. I still feel like a Gucci–in fact, the most Gucci of all,” she told the La Repubblica. “I have the qualifications–for years I went shopping around the world. I came from the world of jewels and it is to that world that I want to return.” Hmm… probably should have thought about that before you paid a hit man to whack your ex-husband.

We're guessing Gucci has no plans to add her to its staff–you know, bad blood and all. Still, Reggiani thinks they should give her a chance, since she didn't *really* mean for her ex-husband to be murdered and totally didn't order that hit. “It’s true that speaking with certain people, I said, in a rash outburst, 'I wish Maurizio would die,’ she clarified, "But I never imagined that the scenario would come true. Nor did I want it to. I never ordered the murder.” Sure. You just ordered the guy to fire a few warning shots in the late Maurizio Gucci's direction. riight

[h/t Telegraph]