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Rats Reportedly Still Enjoying Vogue Magazine’s New Offices

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Say what you want about New York City rats, but you’ll never be able to say that they don’t have good taste. In fact, they may be the most stylish rats in the world. 

According to Page SixVogue‘s new offices at 1 World Trade Center still have that rodent problem, and the couture-loving critters aren’t giving up their residence at the magazine’s new headquarters so easily. Sources say that the rats are very bold and a few Vogue staffers found them scurrying under and on their desks. How did Anna Wintour handle the situation? Allegedly by saying, “I don’t want to hear about it.” 

A Vogue insider denied that the magazine’s offices are becoming a very chic rat city, assuring us that such an exchange between Wintour and her employees never happened. Right.

If Vogue‘s offices are indeed overrun with some unwelcome furry friends, we really don’t blame those rats for taking up residence there. If we were them, we’d definitely be posted in that sample closet. Can’t knock the hustle.

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