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77-Year-Old Faye Dunaway Stars in Gucci’s New Handbag Campaign

You have to hand it to Alessandro Michele. Since taking the reins at Gucci back in 2015, he’s managed to reinvigorate the brand and increase sales. In addition to his coveted collections, the designer has also upped the iconic Italian fashion house’s game when it comes to advertising campaigns. Following a series of images for Spring 2018 that were everything fashion dreams are made of, Michele tapped none other than Faye Dunaway for Gucci’s Sylvie handbag campaign. Photographed by Petra Collins, the 77-year-old Hollywood legend is joined by French actress and singer Soko with the duo playing the role of mother and daughter in Beverly Hills living the high life clad in head-to-toe Gucci, of course.

Gucci 'Sylvie' Handbags F/W 2018.19 : Faye Dunaway & SoKo by Petra Collins


Members of our forums reacted to Gucci’s latest campaign immediately. “LOL, this is cute. So bad it’s good! And it’s actually one of the less obnoxious Gucci campaigns, Faye looks amazing in all the ensembles. I do however wish Charlotte Wales shot this. Petra is so overrated,” confessed Benn98.

“I like the shot in the car. The rest look too candid,” mikel chimed in.

“I love this. It looks like a Sofia Coppola movie,” raved Perickles.

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But the campaign wasn’t to everyone’s taste. “Shocked that she got this campaign, she became the Katherine Heigl of her generation after that awful Joan Crawford film and she doesn’t seem to me like an iconic personality despite her role in Bonnie and Clyde. I guess Alessandro liked Network?” quipped YohjiAddict.

“Faye Dunaway is a legend, and anyone who compares her to Katherine Heigl knows NOTHING about cinema. End of. This campaign is silly, like so much of what Gucci does,” mepps fired back.

Urban Stylin was quick to declare the images “fabulous” and we couldn’t agree more.

Gucci 'Sylvie' Handbags F/W 2018.19 : Faye Dunaway & SoKo by Petra Collins


Gucci 'Sylvie' Handbags F/W 2018.19 : Faye Dunaway & SoKo by Petra Collins


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Madonna’s Pair of Vogue Italia Covers for August Are Nothing New

We’ve been in suspense ever since our forums got wind that Madonna was shooting a cover for Vogue Italia. Now the mag has finally released said cover as the legend appears on the Italian fashion bible 18 months after her last appearance. The team made no attempt to hide the fact the music icon was shooting for the magazine, either, documenting the experience on social media. In true Madonna fashion, she’s decked out in various looks from Saint Laurent for the two cover images shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for Italian Vogue‘s August 2018 issue.

Vogue Italia August 2018 : Madonna by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


But the covers failed to excite our forum members. “As we predicted in the Cover Rumor Thread Madonna dressed in black lace, lots of jewelry, chains and a hat. If someone held a gun to my head I’d pick the grass cover, but there is nothing to see here really,” declared dodencebt.

“I’m trying to visualize the situation where this eyesore lands on the editor’s desk. What do they do if they hate it? Do they dismiss it or they just don’t simply because it’s Madonna? This is terrible, both covers,” proclaimed Royal-Galliano.

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“Does she sell in Italy? Did her last feature do that well? Aside from her longtime fans, who are they targeting here? Who is Vogue Italia’s reader? I have so many questions. I find these covers alienating and irrelevant,” noted GivenchyHomme.

“I just don’t think they really put much effort into it. I feel like I’ve seen Madonna like this a million times before, but it could definitely just be down to Madonna herself wanting to look this way,” Elite13 added.

“Not interested, same boring shoot from Madonna, this time for a magazine that should know better,” agreed YohjiAddict.

“Most celebs have better IG photos than this. I’d rather go browse the European vacation of a VS model TBH. They seem to be able to create more memorable aspirational photos than this on the fly,” ranted an unimpressed A.D.C.

Vogue Italia August 2018 : Madonna by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


Care to see more? Check out some previews of Madonna’s cover shoot and join the debate here.

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Katy Perry’s Hair Almost Ruins a Perfectly Good Cover of Vogue Australia

What’s going on down under at Vogue Australia? The magazine’s been serving up some questionable covers of late, having doused Rebel Wilson in a mountain of fabric and styled Gigi Hadid in ridiculous fashion last month. At least the styling is turned all the way down on the Aussie fashion bible’s August 2018 cover thanks to Christine Centenera. Making her debut on Vogue Australia (and landing her fourth Vogue cover) is Katy Perry wearing a floral embellished Saint Laurent dress in the Emma Summerton-shot cover image.

Vogue Australia August 2018 : Katy Perry by Emma Summerton


From the get-go members of our forums weren’t feeling the cover. “All her Vogue covers are a nonevent, what a waste of her beauty, but of course she needs to end this era and get rid of that hairdo ASAP,” stated MDNA.

“I’m all for artificial wigs, when the real hair is that bad,” exclaimed tigerrouge.

“Agreed, they should’ve used a wigged image for the cover,” replied russianelf.

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In agreement over how questionable the cover turned out was forum member zzzyao76, who described the cover as “tragic.”

“Tragic. Vogue Australia is dying,” proclaimed MON.

Benn98 was quick to add: “I wish Vogue Australia would stop using Emma Summerton. How different does this edit look from her ones with Amanda Seyfried or Selena Gomez? All her recent work for this magazine is just so mediocre.”

“Better than all her other Vogue covers combined,” reasoned Scotty.

“Agreed. It’s not bad, but still Katy Perry…” confirmed ghostwriter10549.

Are you into it? See more from Katy’s cover shoot and join the conversation here.

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Hailey Baldwin Wears Burberry Overload on Vogue Japan’s Shockingly Bad September Cover

Hailey Baldwin might not be our first choice for a September cover, but here she is on the newest issue of Vogue Japan. Following in the footsteps of her BBFs Bella, Gigi and Kendall, the American beauty was photographed by Luca & Alessandro Morelli and styled by Anna Dello Russo in head-to-toe Burberry (if we need even mention), sporting a mane of blonde hair.

Vogue Japan September 2018 : Hailey Baldwin by Luca & Alessandro Morelli


The cover was sure to generate buzz in our forums. “Atrocious styling and she looks nothing like herself here. What’s the point in her? She can’t model,” wrote Valentine27.

“It’s like a Kim K and Donatella [Versace] mix-up. Terrible. And do they really need that amount of text on the cover?” asked EstefaniaAbaddon.

“Mediocre model photographed by mediocre photographers,” snarled fluxxx.

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The August Cover of Vogue Paris Is So 80s — and Not in a Good Way

If you’re an avid reader of Vogue Paris, you’re no doubt aware that Emmanuelle Alt loves the 80s. Kaia Gerber‘s cover back in February and Grace Elizabeth‘s in March both evoked the mood of the era. Now it’s the August issue’s turn to channel the 80s as Iselin Steiro flashes her pearly whites and a dramatic short cut in the David Sims-shot cover image. Giving us major Princess Diana on the ski slopes vibes, Iselin was styled by Alt for her second French Vogue cover, wearing a Gucci jacket and some Carrera sunglasses as she chills with an espresso.

Vogue Paris August 2018 : Iselin Steiro by David Sims


Members of our forums didn’t hold back when the cover was revealed. “Oh no no no no no! This 100% looks like a last minute decision. That is not a cover shot,” cried MON.

“Horrible OMG. This styling is probably the worst thing Emmanuelle has ever done. Good for Iselin but she looks 60+ here,” added sixtdaily.

“What is this, looks like a mail order catalogue from the late 80s,” slammed mistress_f.

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16-Year-Old Kaia Gerber ‘Looks Like a Soccer Mom’ in Karl Lagerfeld’s Fall 2018 Campaign

Whether you’re a fan or not of the 16-year-old who now needs no introduction, you can’t deny Kaia Gerber’s work ethic in 2018. She’s been on the covers of Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris and i-D Magazine, along with scoring advertising campaigns for the likes of Moschino, Saint Laurent and Versace (not to mention the number of shows Kaia walked during fashion week). Over recent months, Kaia has become a firm favorite of Karl Lagerfeld, who enlisted the young American beauty to star in one of Chanel’s handbag campaigns and, as announced back in January, the duo has even collaborated on a capsule clothing line. Thus, we shouldn’t at all be surprised to see Kaia become the face of Karl Lagerfeld’s namesake label for Fall 2018, shot by The Kaiser himself and styled by Carine Roitfeld.

Karl Lagerfeld F/W 2018.19 : Kaia Gerber by Karl Lagerfeld


Unfortunately, the campaign didn’t go over too well with our forum members. “Didn’t like the hair,” snapped ghostwriter10549 upon checking out the images.

“The hair ruined an otherwise good campaign,” echoed Urban Stylin.

“She looks like a soccer mom to me,” mocked forum member Ed.

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