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These Stories of Model Mistreatment Will Stun You

Fernanda Ly on the Christian Dior Fall 2017 runway.

Fernanda Ly on the Christian Dior Fall 2017 runway; Image: Imaxtree

This season, Paris Fashion Week opened on a sour note, with prominent casting director and longtime diversity advocate James Scully publicly shaming Balenciaga’s casting directors for mistreating models at the brands’ go-see. Scully’s Instagram post made headlines, resulted in the firing of Maida Gregori Boina and Rami Fernandes, and reminded the public that, for all the progress the modeling industry has made in the past few years, it’s still in dire need of regulation.

Yesterday, published a striking survey that further underlines this fact. In it, 22 working models respond to the prompt: “How do you, the model, want to be treated?” Their submissions reveal the extent to which models still face discrimination, body shaming, sexual harassment and poor working conditions, even when they’re landing major gigs.

Many of the models chose to stay off the record, presumably out of fear of being blacklisted. (Unsurprisingly, theirs were some of the more damning anecdotes.) Others, including Fernanda Ly, Jay Wright, Emily Butcher, Ekaterina Ozhiganova, Margherita Tondelli, Cailin Hill Araki, Sidney Gaston, Petra Zatkova and Wyomi, attached their names to their stories. Read some of the more jarring accounts below.

“During London Fashion Week 2016, I felt dizzy and sick at a 90-minute static presentation: I went off the stage and told the casting director that I can’t keep going because otherwise I might faint while another model was throwing up three feet away from me. She told me I have to go on-stage otherwise I’m not getting paid. I wasn’t paid anyway.” — Sidney Gaston

“I was once shooting a lookbook where the stylist, helping me dress, used this chance to feel my body up much more than necessary and continued to do so throughout the entire shoot. Countless times have I had to undress in undesirable public situations, but even now I can remember the disgusting feel of this man’s hands tracing my body.” — Fernanda Ly

“I got a semi-exclusive for an A-list show with an opening guarantee during my first season in Paris. When [the designer] found out I was transgender, something no one knows about to this day, they cancelled my booking; they somehow considered it a risk—that it would draw too much attention, something they thought would affect the brand negatively: A very doubtful decision, especially considering that I was [then] an unknown new face.” — Anonymous

“The agency said that they loved me but wanted me to lose a little weight, and they gave me a month to do it and then resend digitals. And so I lost a lot of weight in a short time and just got obsessed with it after that. I became anorexic and was extremely underweight, passing out in rehearsals. After the month they never got back to me and my mother agent. Since then, my weight has fluctuated so much because of how poorly I treated my body.” — Anonymous

Of course, these models are not the first to speak out. Barbie Ferreira, Joan Smalls, Charli Howard, Clémentine Desseaux and countless others have also come forward with tales of mistreatment. At the end of the day, modeling, for all its glitz and glam, is a real job for real people who are often subject to unsafe, denigrating working conditions, and something needs to change.

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Jennifer Lawrence ‘Looks Like a Tourist at Disneyland’ in Dior’s New Handbag Campaign

Jennifer Lawrence is no stranger to Christian Dior, having fronted multiple campaigns for the iconic French fashion house since 2013. Over the years, our forum members have debated whether the actress is the right fit for Dior as each successive ad seemed to be more of the same. Now that Dior has a new creative director, however, Jennifer’s ads have gotten a makeover. Maria Grazia Chiuri and photographer Brigitte Lacombe opted for a more relaxed, effortless and relatable look for Fall 2017.

Christian Dior Handbags F/W 2017.18 : Jennifer Lawrence by Brigitte Lacombe


As expected, a handful of our forum members still weren’t buying it. “Why is she styled like a tourist at Disneyland?” questioned a horrified kenndale within seconds of us taking a sneak peek at the campaign earlier this week. “Also that logo is hideous,” he added in disgust.

“There is nothing I hate more than that T-shirt,” snarled Scotty. (more…)

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Adwoa Aboah Channels Sade on Vogue Mexico’s Gorgeous April Covers

As the fashion industry takes (baby) steps towards embracing diversity, model Adwoa Aboah’s star continues to rise. She recently appeared on the cover of Vogue‘s big March diversity issue, currently fronts Vogue Spain and joins Zayn Malik in the latest Versus Versace campaign. The 24-year-old Ghanaian-British beauty now goes solo on Vogue Mexico, serving up a duo of dynamic covers for April 2017 captured by Giampaolo Sgura.

Vogue Mexico & Latin America April 2017 : Adwoa Aboah by Giampaolo Sgura


Our forum members think Aboah has never looked better. “Wow, loving her work more and more. This is beautiful, she is giving me Sade vibes here, and it works,” rejoiced Miss Dalloway upon seeing the covers.

“Obviously inspired by Sade. I dig,” chimed in SpeakThatJDunn. (more…)

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Michelle Pfeiffer Deserves Better Than This Unflattering Interview Cover

We’re forever seeing the same faces on the covers of our favorite magazines (ahem, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid). Interview, however, has always been a magazine that avoids the bandwagon. The American title did us proud in February with a glorious Solange Knowles cover and now gives us actress Michelle Pfeiffer for the month of April. Appearing on Interview‘s latest, the 58-year-old beauty was photographed by Mikael Jansson at Chateau Marmont, lounging about a hotel room wearing Valentino.

Interview April 2017 : Michelle Pfeiffer by Mikael Jansson


Our forums were thrilled to see Pfeiffer, but the choice of cover image was another story. “Ah! I love Michelle. She’s such a fresh cover choice but the result is terrible,” exclaimed a disgruntled MyNameIs straight away.

“I was pleasantly surprised when I saw ‘Pfeiffer’ because I expected one of the usual suspects (Williams or Obama) but they seriously made her look pregnant. The accidental baby bump is all I can see!” dodencebt pointed out in a state of shock. (more…)

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Stella Maxwell Looks Sophisticated in Chanel on Harper’s Bazaar Spain

She’s the current face of Roberto Cavalli, just appeared on the cover of Vogue Turkey and shot with Mert and Marcus for Replay, now Stella Maxwell follows in the footsteps of Christy Turlington on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Spain. Looking incredibly chic in an elegant black Chanel jacket, Stella was photographed by Thomas Whiteside for the clean, effortless April 2017 cover story.

Harper's Bazaar España April 2017 : Stella Maxwell by Thomas Whiteside


The outcome left the majority of our forum members pleasantly surprised. “She’s really growing on me. She looks gorgeous here,” confessed lightblue.

“Actually a really nice cover from Stella,” admitted 333101 in agreement. (more…)

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Adwoa Aboah and Cameron Russell Lack Chemistry on Vogue Spain’s April Cover

For Yolanda Sacristan’s final issue as editor-in-chief of Vogue Spain, she delivered all-out Spanish glamour on the cover with model Andreea Diaconu. The title now unveils the April 2017 cover under new EIC Eugenia de la Torriente, featuring models Adwoa Aboah and Cameron Russell. Photographed by Emma Summerton, the pair wear Valentino Haute Couture on the light, airy and somewhat awkward-looking cover photo.

Vogue España April 2017 : Adwoa Aboah & Cameron Russell by Emma Summerton


“This looks like an opening page of an editorial, not cover worthy. Something is just lacking,” pointed out Miss Dalloway upon seeing the cover.

“I can’t stand Adwoa, but even with another model this would have been as bland as it is. The concept ‘models have brains too’ is maybe the most annoying topic ever,” added Creative. (more…)

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