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Alicia Vikander Soars to New Heights on Harper’s Bazaar for April 2019

Considering the atrocious Harper’s Bazaar Cardi B cover last month, we didn’t have much hope for the rest of the magazine’s spring covers — and, unfortunately, the April 2019 cover wasn’t able to make up for it, according to our forum members. Alicia Vikander will greet you down at the newsstand this month, as she finally makes her debut as a Bazaar cover girl (just as our forums complain over the same old faces).

The Swedish actress receives the full Bazaar treatment for the occasion, featured in one of the magazine’s typical cover shoots, suspended high above the ground and captured on location in Savannah, Georgia and shot by photographer Mariano Vivanco. Styled by Miguel Alberto Enamorado, Alicia wears Louis Vuitton throughout (if you even need ask) as she soars to new heights.

US Harper’s Bazaar April 2019 : Alicia Vikander by Mariano Vivanco


Another month, another mediocre Bazaar cover. “I really don’t like this cover. Not an attractive cover at all, I wouldn’t stop to look at it. You can’t really tell who it is instantly and her expression looks off,” discredited Morgane07.

“Someone tell Harper’s Bazaar that it was Emily Blunt who played Mary Poppins, not Alicia Vikander,” laughed dodencebt, suggesting the cover resembled Blunt’s recent Vogue cover.

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“Atrocious! Which is pretty much the norm for the majority of Alicia Vikander’s covers. I admire Glenda’s ballsiness, but this girl has been shot by so many photographers and the result has always ended up awful. Not sure why Harper’s would prove any different,” Benn98 chimed in.

“If the best she’s going to bring is ‘boring schoolgirl’ then this woman shouldn’t be allowed on covers, because she’s wasting everyone’s time. And I’m getting tired of the ‘athletic pose against a blue sky’ that seems to be the default style for most of their lead shoots these days. I say this as someone who actually likes US Bazaar and buys it more often than not,” shared tigerrouge.

Caioherrero simply asked: “Why is Glenda [Bailey] still at Bazaar?”

“Wait, is it still 2018? I know Glenda’s Bazaar is dated but did she really have to feature her instead of a plethora of other, more relevant celebrities?” quipped Ken Doll Jenner.

US Harper’s Bazaar April 2019 : Alicia Vikander by Mariano Vivanco


Check out Alicia’s accompanying cover feature and share your thoughts here.

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Ava DuVernay, Jessica Chastain and Constance Wu Star on Marie Claire’s ‘Power’ Cover for April 2019

Print magazines need to pull out all the stops to survive these days and you’ve got to hand it to Marie Claire for at least trying. In 2018, the magazine unveiled a redesign, which captured the attention of our forum members, and the title backed up its bold new look with terrific, diverse covers starring Emily Ratajkowski, Amy Adams, Zendaya, Kerry WashingtonPenelope Cruz and Lupita Nyong’o. For April 2019, the cover shows us “what power looks like in 2019” with Ava DuVernay, Jessica Chastain and Constance Wu, photographed by Amanda Demme and styled by Joseph Errico against a gray studio backdrop.

US Marie Claire April 2019 : Ava DuVernay, Jessica Chastain & Constance Wu by Amanda Demme


Was it enough to impress our forum members? “Should be a The Hollywood Reporter cover,” remarked TZ001 at once.

“Sick of all the ‘Women in Hollywood‘ covers. They all blur together, the photos are largely indistinguishable and the articles are near identical. So what’s the point? It’s the click-bait of newsstands everywhere,” stated SophiaVB.

“Kinda annoyed by the headline. Let the image speak for itself. A powerful cover will manifest/exude power,” MON chimed in.

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Brilliant or Boring? Lady Gaga Returns to the Cover of V Magazine for the Umpteenth Time

Magazines have a habit of favoring certain cover subjects and V Magazine certainly cannot resist a Lady Gaga cover. Quite possibly the magazine’s most-featured cover star, Lady Gaga returns to commemorate a decade of collaborating with the New York-based arts, music and fashion publication. Released just as “Shallow” finally reached number one on the charts, V commissioned photographer Jean-Paul Goude to capture the multi-hyphenate for the Spring 2019 Issue #118. Starring on two unique covers, Gaga channels her inner Vegas showgirl wearing a Giorgio Armani Privé gown on the first cover (below) and goes incognito hiding behind a stack of hay for the second cover.

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She’s an Enigma! Celebrating 10 years of @LadyGaga and #VMagazine, our March/April cover story sees @jeanpaulgoudeofficial transform #LadyGaga into a couture doll. Seen here as a showgirl in @Armani Prive, she returns as the ultimate shape-shifter in this long-awaited #JeanPaulGoude collaboration. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ "We tried to turn Gaga into a living doll, a living icon, like the figurines that people collect and put on their mantelpiece, but life size," explains Jean-Paul Goude. #V118 is on newsstands March 7th. Head to #linkinbio for the full story. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Photography Jean-Paul Goude Fashion by @aikiualex. Hair by @deki_kazue_hair Make-up by @sweetmayia Necklaces (top and bottom) @ChanelOfficial Joaillerie Headpiece @shaunleanejewellery for @alexandermcqueen courtesy #Swarovski On lips @maybelline color sensations On face @swarovski gem stones Casting @starworksgroup @itboygregk Cover story @mathiasrosenzweig

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For a select few of our forum members, this was yet another example of V Magazine on repeat. “Gaga on the cover of V? Groundbreaking,” stated RMDV the second the covers struck.

“It’s always the same crap: the old Gaga is back but not really. V Magazine and Gaga, we don’t need you anymore! Rihanna is pushing fashion forward in Hollywood and Beyoncé is pushing the mainstream sound, so this is pointless to me,” voiced ghostwriter10549.

“This magazine lives on repeat. Please Stephen [Gan] go away,” pleaded caioherrero.

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Amber Valletta Attempts to Save the World on Vogue Italia’s March 2019 Cover

Vogue Italia just isn’t the same without Franca Sozzani, and no matter how many Kaia Gerber, Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner covers Emanuele Farneti throws at us, it’s simply not enough. The magazine’s big spring fashion issue for March 2019 is here and at the very least, it’s highlighting a great cause — saving our planet. Enter model Amber Valletta, photographic duo Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott and stylist Ib Kamara, who make up the team shooting this month’s ‘sustainable’ cover featuring Amber watering some plants while decked out in head-to-toe Gucci.

Vogue Italia March 2019 : Amber Valletta by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


Our forum members are so over Italian Vogue. “Her face looks odd … what a waste of Amber! And the theme … we only have one world and still, you produce such mediocre work on paper made from precious trees!” called out Starry.

“Terribly awful! I can’t help imagine what Steven Meisel could have made of such a theme. At least something visually arresting. Why not feature a designer known for sustainability on the cover if you really want to make a statement? VI really has no vision anymore, nothing interesting to say or show,” echoed style_expert.

“This looks so wrong. Unfortunate,” tjasmine commented.

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“This had all the ingredients to be good: You’ve got Amber, you’ve got M&M, you’ve got the concept … but the execution is so poor. The issue is a tribute to our planet, which is OK, but putting some plants and a cover line is not enough. Why not style her in Stella McCartney, who has been very active in this field?” asked apple.

Sharing the same sentiments was phungnam96: “This magazine is lost!”

“What in the world is this!” exclaimed dodencebt.

GivenchyAddict certainly wasn’t into it either: “Oh my, oh my. If you want a shoot with substance and to use fashion as a medium to talk about current issues, let Meisel do the job, please. I have a headache just by thinking about the amount of money, the people involved to produce this cheap tacky cover and editorial. Our ‘one world’ does not deserve this!”

Care to see more? Check out Amber’s cover story and a special tribute cover to Karl Lagerfeld here.

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American vs. British ELLE: Which Is the Best Taylor Swift Cover?

Our forums called it: Taylor Swift has indeed signed a global deal with ELLE to appear on multiple covers of the magazine across the world. Earlier this week, we saw Taylor make her debut on British ELLE, where she sported a questionable Gucci getup, receiving a resounding thumbs down from our forum members. The wait for American ELLE‘s take on Taylor is over and unlike the Selena Gomez and Rihanna global covers previously, Taylor was photographed and styled by an entirely different team for the title’s April 2019 cover shoot. Shot by Ben Hassett and styled by Paul Cavaco, the newsstand cover (below) pictures the hit-maker in a mega close-up shot — letting that bold lip color do all the talking.

US Elle April 2019 : Taylor Swift by Ben Hassett


“What! A close-up cover with bad makeup??” asked ghostwriter10549 the moment the cover dropped.

“Yeah, it’s a real shame about the mouth makeup, it literally ruined the cover,” chimed in Morgane07.

Also majorly underwhelmed was dodencebt: “They made her look like her face is full of fillers and I doubt she really looks like that. The lighting is so unflattering!”

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Ashley Graham Channels Cindy Crawford on Harper’s Bazaar Australia’s April Cover

Ashley Graham may just be our favorite model right now, largely due to the fact she excels at absolutely everything she does — from creating clothing ranges to speaking out against body issues and nailing it on the red carpet.

The Revlon brand ambassador also delights us on the covers of our favorite fashion glossies — see: British Harper’s Bazaar, American ELLE and Vogue Arabia. That’s why we aren’t at all surprised to see Ashley working it like the rent is due tomorrow on Harper’s Bazaar Australia’s April 2019 edition. Photographed by Nina Munoz and styled by Kristen Ingersoll, Ashley gives us flashbacks to Cindy Crawford’s modeling heyday, sporting a head full of curls and a sultry makeup look teamed with a red Toni Maticevski trench and black Zadig & Voltaire booties.

Harper’s Bazaar Australia April 2019 : Ashley Graham by Nino Munoz


Another home run of a cover for Ashley, according to our forum members. “Love it. I like that the studio shot looks this bright when the background is kept lighter,” said dfl-001.

“Beautiful, sometimes you just need a gorgeous, even if generic, cover,” applauded Miss Dalloway.

“Love Ashley Graham, this cover is generic but I agree she (like Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford, etc.) knows her niche and works magnificently at it. Gisele is like that, too: pure commercial glamour that is timeless. Not edgy and not showing different poses or looks, but it works!” said Bertrando3.

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“I was just thinking that Ashley’s good on the front of magazines because she has that generic appeal that cover girls used to have — you couldn’t ever have said that Cindy Crawford was that versatile, by fashion standards, but she knew her audience and made the most of it. And it’s a similar story with Ashley — she’s not trying to be edgy, she’s selling a lightly glamorous look which might not be to high fashion tastes, but it doesn’t go out of style for the general public,” tigerrouge echoed.

Happycanadian was also a fan: “This is just incredibly beautiful. It absolutely harks back to a 90s Cindy cover and that is perfectly fine by me! She looks sensational.”

Vogue28 was in total agreement, commenting, “Too gorgeous for words, love the whole Cindy Crawford/80s vibe of the shot, how the red Bazaar masthead complements the coat, those voluminous curls, Ashley’s pose. Yes!”

Feel the same way? Sound off and await more from Ashley’s cover shoot, here.