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Beyoncé Has Her First Bad Hair Day in, Like, Ever

There are a few things we never thought we’d see in our lives. The day America elected a black president. The gentrification of Bushwick. The end of Amy Poehler and Will Arnett (seriously, R.I.P.). But today, possibly the most impossible of scenarios came true and we’re really not sure how we’re going to get over it. Beyoncé is rocking a haircut — and it is NOT cute.

Image: SIPA/

Image: SIPA/

No, this isn’t a case of preferring a different hairstyle on her, like when she got that pixie cut last year. This is a straight-up “girl, what were you thinking?” moment and it pains us to say that Queen Bey is looking a hot mess in this wig she’s rocking. And we’re saying “wig” because we’re really hoping it’s a wig and not a haircut.

Can we please just talk about those bangs giving medieval Catholic priest realness? We realize we’re at risk of having our Beygency cards revoked for this (our most prized possession), but this is simply not a look worthy enough to grace HM Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter’s perfect, precious head.

But you know what? We all make mistakes and even though she is pretty much perfect, even Beyoncé has to have a bad hair day sometimes. At the very least, her one bad hair day makes us feel better about the bad hair month we’re still having. Carry on Queen Bey!

[h/t @MeenalMistry]

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Chanel Sues What About Yves Over Ghostbusters Sweatshirt

The designer parody logo trend has definitely caught on with the cool kids. Even a few of the designers whose logos are being turned on their heads have embraced the movement. But it seems the folks at Chanel aren’t so keen on everyone’s interpretation of the trend. The Fashion Law reports that the French fashion house is suing What About Yves founder Jeanine Heller for using its interlocking C logo without permission in a few offerings. The issue is over the “Official Chanel X Ghostbusters Sweatshirt Design,” which features the Ghostbusters ghost peeking out from behind Chanel’s famous double Cs.

Chanel’s people say the sweatshirts cause brand confusion, as the integrity of the Cs are intact, save for the addition of the Ghostbusters ghost. The suit also claims that Heller failed to modify the logo in a meaningful way, saying that she purposefully used the “clearly recognizable CC monogram mark [on] her own clothing precisely because of the iconic status of the mark, with knowledge of its association with Chanel, in order to call to mind Chanel.” If the parody was crystal clear, the use of the logo would be legal, but Chanel doesn’t see the parody in the piece at all. 

In addition to barring Heller and What About Yves from selling the sweatshirts, Chanel also wants the brand to hand over any products with the Chanel symbol as well as any profits made from the sale of the shirts in question. 

While the parody aspect of the shirt isn’t lost on us, we can see where Chanel is coming from. That sweatshirt could have easily been a result of a collaboration between Ghostbusters and Chanel (as bizarre as that would be). Chanel could have a really strong case here, although we’re not sure if the sweatshirt in question does as much damage to the Chanel brand as it is implying.

It will be very interesting to see how this one unfolds.

[via The Fashion Law]

UPDATE: What About Yves’ Jeanine Heller contacted us to inform us that the lawsuit Chanel filed against her is being dropped. Apparently, since What About Yves is a corporation, Chanel cannot legally sue the owner (Heller), who mentioned that not only was she never doing business as WAY, but her stake in the brand was bought last year. “They filed against the wrong party,” Heller told us over email. “You would think with a company such as Chanel, their attorneys would do research before filing a trivial lawsuit.”

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Patrick Demarchelier Photographs Fresh Faces for Vogue Russia’s November Cover (Forum Buzz)

Multi-girl covers are all the rage this season with a number of editions of Vogue producing covers with a handful of models. This time around, Vogue Russia adopted the setup by tapping some fresh faces for its November cover. Kate Grigorieva, Dasha Gold and Anya Lyagoshina wear coats by Gucci as they pose for Patrick Demarchelier. The cover marks a first for each of the three models and is sure to project them further in the modeling industry.

Vogue Russia Nov 14 Patrick Demarchelier


Yet the cover failed to impress most of our forum members. “It does look really cheap…” wrote Oxymore, not kicking off the thread to a very good start.

Vogue Netherlands? Russian Vogue lost their direction this month. This looks cheap! The image quality is so bad. It looks like a cheap ad for low-budget salons. They look so washed out that the blush looks annoying. The coats are tragic as well, it seems like they’re wigs combined with rugs. Disaster! The hair is bad also, that hairline, is that an airport runway?” disapproved MON, clearly not a fan of the cover.

Benn98 shared his doubts and posted, “What’s up with Vogue Russia this month? Kudos for shooting new girls, but they look so random. Those coats are awful. And I’m not sure whether black was the right color for the fonts.”

Also not an admirer was Moofins: “This isn’t working for me. The styling is a mess (they look like they’re selling bathroom rugs) and their faces look plastic.”

“This looks awful, there is not one thing about it that I like,” posted a very unsatisfied KateTheGreatest.

“You have three gorgeous faces such as these and yet that’s all they came up with?” questioned an underwhelmed StoneSkipper.  

So, we have some pretty negative reviews for Vogue Russia’s latest installment. Are you impressed? Share your opinion here.

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Georgia May Jagger Plays Dress Up on ELLE France’s Latest Cover (Forum Buzz)

ELLE France continues to amaze members of our forums. The French edition publishes weekly and still manages to deliver excellent consecutive issues, tapping some of fashion’s finest models for its covers. The current issue, dated October 10, 2014, features Georgia May Jagger, photographed by Marcin Tyszka. The British model dons a rather large white hat from Vivienne Westwood teamed with a simple white tee from DSquared2.

Elle France October 10, 2014 Georgia May Jagger


Georgia can also be found inside the issue for a studio shoot where we see her sport a variety of makeup looks and hairstyles. She also wears some desirable pieces by Gucci, Victoria Beckham and Thierry Mugler.

“I just love the direction of ELLE France. Everything feels so fresh. They’re far ahead of Vogue in terms of creativity and even when they also tend to go retro, it feels cool and chic. Maybe it’s the variety of photographers they appoint… very bold,” posted Royal-Galliano, showcasing a positive attitude toward the magazine.

“Wow, I love it! ELLE France really has some amazing covers from time to time — especially considering how often it’s published,” complimented frk-frost.

The previous cover of ELLE featured Suzanne Diaz by Laura Sciacovelli, plus Myf Shepherd and Kate Wagoner also posed for the cover story, which was inspired by the 70s and led to great results. You can check out all past issues of French ELLE inside the thread and don’t forget to post your own opinion here.

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The Simpsons and Forever 21 Team for Latest Collaboration

Image: WWD

Image: WWD

First a collaboration with M.A.C and now this. The Simpsons is linking with Forever 21 to shill a capsule collection steeped in 90s codes. Of course, the label would look to the decade for inspiration, considering The Simpsons came of age (so to speak) in the 90s. On tap are T-shirts, sweatshirts, crop tops and more, printed with the likenesses of Homer, Marge and the gang. 

The Simpsons has been airing for 25 years and, according to WWD, Fox is celebrating the series’ quarter-century run with a series of collaborations with M.A.C, Zara, Uniqlo and others. Of course, prices for the Forever 21 range are decidedly affordable. You can purchase pieces from the line for as little as $14.90 or as much as $22.90. Not bad on the ol’ wallet at all!

The collaboration is expected to hit shelves this Thursday, so Simpsons fans (or folks with an itch for some serious 90s nostalgia) this is your time to shine.

[via WWD]

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Inside By Caprice Lingerie’s Fall 2014 Collection

Everybody knows at least one person who can seem to do no wrong, with each success leading to another. Caprice can definitely be considered one of those people. Boasting a host of achievements, the once most-photographed-woman-in-the-world seemed to effortlessly transition into an equally successful businesswoman, thanks to her leading lingerie company By Caprice.

Founded in 2006, By Caprice Lingerie aims to create lingerie that is utterly desirable with the added bonus of being completely affordable. Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s been such a hit.

caprice l

Images: Courtesy of By Caprice Lingerie

Her Fall 2014 collection just dropped at selected retailers, such as Very, Littlewoods and ASOS, and if you’re in need of spicing up your underwear collection, then it’s most definitely worth a peek. Covering a palette of blue, pink, red or alternatively timeless black that make for a sumptuous feel, the styles are also cleverly designed to flatter a multitude of different body shapes. Standout pieces include the texture contrast Savanna bra along with the matching briefs in vivid purple and elegant black, which would make great Christmas treats. (more…)

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