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We’re Bored with Balenciaga’s Ad Campaign Featuring Sasha Pivovarova (Forum Buzz)

Balenciaga is one of those fashion houses that usually creates a lot of buzz, whether it be Alexander Wang showcasing his latest collection or the release of the brand’s new advertising campaign. But what went wrong with Balenciaga’s Spring 2015 campaign? Our forums were treated to an exclusive preview of the fashion spots earlier this week and were left disappointed. Moving on from Gisele Bündchen, Wang tapped Sasha Pivovarova for the new mainline campaign, shot by Steven Klein. The concept has been used once before by Klein and we’re frankly a little bored.

Ad Campaign Balenciaga Spring 2015 Sasha Pivovarova


Members of our forums aren’t afraid to voice their opinions. “Balenciaga is boring and irrelevant now. I want to see color, all the ads look so dead, and the clothes are so Wang. Now everything looks like Ghesquière’s crumbs. You need to be more than a ‘creative director’ to manage a house like this, you need vision, and that’s something that Alexander Wang doesn’t have. It’s sad,” expressed FelipeV.

“The ugly clothes ruin everything!” added reesewu.

Feeling the same way was ALAUU: “Pretty lackluster in comparison to previous seasons.”

“If this was 5 years ago it would be exciting but at this point who cares about Balenciaga anymore? All I see is a bored looking model and bad clothes and accessories. Next!” proclaimed GivenchyHomme.

“Terrible. Straight hair makes her look like a ghost,” commented coutugh, who wasn’t a fan of the styling.

“Stale. I think my interest in Balenciaga is over,” shared gossiping.

Are you bored with Balenciaga this season? Await more campaign images and join the discussion here.

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Louis, Boston Is Closing Its Doors

We told you: 2015 has so far not been a great year for retailers. Louis, Boston, Boston’s legendary high-end clothing store, is the latest retailer to announce that it will be closing its doors.

The shop, which opened in 1925, carries wares from high-end designers across the globe, outfitting well-heeled men and women in labels like Haider Ackermann, Balenciaga, Proenza Schouler and more. Debi Greenberg, owner of the company and descendant of the founder, says she will close the store for good in order to pursue other projects.

“Business is on point at our current location with steady year-over-year growth, but after 25 years of extensive travel to Paris, London and New York five months a year in search of the world’s finest clothing, it is simply time to change direction and turn my attention to projects and passions outside the retail arena,” she told WWD

Sounds like she was just getting tired and decided to leave the game. Nonetheless, it is still quite a shame to see such a landmark store shut down. Head over to the shop before it closes in July if you want a last piece of Boston retail history.

[via WWD]

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This Same-Sex Couple Is the Star of Tiffany & Co.’s Latest Campaign

There’s a lot going on in the world today that just makes us want to quit it all, but at least Tiffany & Co. is here to give us a glimmer of faith in humanity. The jeweler has released its engagement campaign and for the first time, it’s featuring a same-sex couple. Though we don’t know the names of the (very handsome) pair, we do know that they’re a real NYC couple.


London Fog is another brand who recently used a same-sex couple, actor Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burtka, for its 2014 Holiday campaign. The shots were so adorable we almost teared up (almost), but these new Tiffany ads might just put us over the edge. 

The rest of the campaign features members from the model set, Cora Emmanuel, Andreea Diaconu and more, but if we’re being completely honest, we think these guys really steal the show.

[via Fashionista]

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Dear Taylor Swift, We Are Loving Your Beauty Look Right Now

taylorswift beauty

Image: Instagram

We’ve already discussed Taylor Swift’s sartorial transformation and if her latest Instagram snap is any indication, then her beauty game is about to change, too. A few days ago, Karlie Kloss’ BFF posted a selfie in which she ditched her signature red lip and cat eye in favor of a nude lip and smudged liner. And we gotta say, we absolutely love it. The casual, model-off-duty makeup was reminiscent of her makeover makeunder for the cover of Wonderland. #CasualVibes.

Could this be part of her new look for 2015? We kind of hope so. Go on with your bad self, T-Swift. 

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Jennifer Aniston Appears on InStyle, We Question Why Magazines Give Us the Same Old Cover Subjects (Forum Buzz)

Our favorite fashion magazines haven’t exactly been delivering the goods this month. We’ve seen the same old cover subjects, from Gwyneth Paltrow on Marie Claire to Miranda Kerr posing for Harper’s Bazaar, and now Jennifer Aniston is InStyle‘s newest cover girl. Fresh off the front of Allure‘s January issue and giving us the same smile and hairstyle, Jennifer sits before Michelangelo di Battista’s lens wearing a red dress styled by Melissa Rubini. Are you over seeing Jennifer on magazine covers?

US InStyle February 2015 Jennifer Aniston


Our forum members sure are, and weren’t afraid to let off some steam inside the InStyle – Worldwide thread. “Oh God, no…” proclaimed GlamorousBoy, who was left more than unimpressed.

“Yeah Aniston is on the cover. God, she and Paltrow are everywhere!” added Miss Dalloway.

Elisejeffery agreed, “Just received my February issue in the mail, so sick of seeing Jennifer on every magazine cover lately. Please go away, Jennifer.”

Srdjan, on the other hand, doesn’t mind Jennifer but disapproved of the cover nonetheless. “I actually like seeing Jennifer on (good) magazine covers, but she looks so bad here. The massive Photoshop makes her look so unnatural and irritating,” he voiced inside the thread.

How do you feel? Are magazines becoming too safe with their cover choices? Share your opinion inside the thread hereInStyle‘s February 2015 issue is available on newsstands now.

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Watch: Rita Ora, David Beckham, Pharrell and Damian Lillard Ponder Superstardom for Adidas Originals

What is a superstar? According to Pharrell Williams, Rita Ora, David Beckham and NBA player Damian Lillard, it’s not what you think.

Adidas Originals released a short to promote the re-release of its Superstar shoe featuring the four powerhouses, who are superstars in their own right. But if you think fame, fortune and millions of social media followers are what makes them deserving of such an esteemed title, you’re wrong. The minute and a half long spot, shot in black and white, has each party mentioning all the stereotypical things we imagine when we think of a superstar, only to tell us that’s not what really makes a superstar.

While they offer no explanation of what it takes to actually be one (unless, we guess, just wearing the shoe they’re talking about cuts it), the video itself is pretty cool. Check it out above.

[h/t ELLE UK]