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Link Buzz: Miley Cyrus Shows Us Her Hosiery in New Campaign, Black Women Are Getting Charged More at Hair Salons

Image: PNP/

Image: PNP/

  • Janice Dickinson is the latest to accuse Bill Cosby of rape. [Page Six]
  • Anna Wintour doesn’t think Kimye is “deeply tasteful,” but she’s OK with putting them on Vogue because, well, magazine sales. [Fashionista]
  • Miley Cyrus shows us what her control-top tights look like in a new campaign for Golden Lady tights. [WWD]
  • Two singles from the re-release of Beyoncé’s album have leaked. Ladies and gentlemen, 30 seconds of “7/11” and 13 glorious seconds of “Ring Off.” [BuzzFeed]
  • Robin Wright is launching a sleepwear line. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Retailers are installing mirrors that make you look thinner to entice you to buy more clothes. [Jezebel]
  • How 40-year-old Hello Kitty manages to stay so young. [Racked]
  • The trailer for the Cinderella movie is here, and nothing is better than Cate Blanchett playing the evil stepmother. NOTHING. [YouTube]
  • Hackers target Fashion Group International. [WWD]
  • Black women are being charged more at salons to cut and style their hair because apparently black hair is “harder” to manage. [The Cut]
  • Léa Seydoux reveals the trouble with French beauty. [Vogue UK]


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Lammily Doll Has Real Human Proportions — and Stretch Marks

lammily-dollNickolay Lamm set out to create a fashion doll that was shaped like an actual human being rather than some sort of freakish Barbie-like rendering of a woman that could never exist in nature. In March, Lamm launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to actually make the dolls, which he calls Lammily. Now, he’s putting them to the test and in the hands of students at a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania private school to see just how this realistic doll would be received. Get ready to have your faith restored in humanity because it turns out the kids loved her.

“She’s really unique,” one girl said. “I don’t have other dolls like this. It looks real.” So real that the kids imagined her doing real-life activities and having real jobs; teaching, swimming and surfing. They also noted the physicality of the doll — Lammily’s feet allow her to actually stand, a far cry from Barbie’s (admittedly delicious) feet, locked in a perma-tiptoe stance. As one boy so eloquently put it, “The toes…they’re not like, a bunch of bumps.”

The kids seemed to really pick up on the Lammily doll’s realistic nature and their responses illustrated that. One girl mentioned that Lammily looks like she would help people, another said the doll looked like her sister. Next to Barbie, Lammily seemed more accessible and more relatable to the kids, who probably don’t yet understand the body image issues that arise from ultra thin and disproportionate dolls like Barbie. They assigned Lammily with a more caring, human-like nature, which makes sense, considering she’s supposed to be built like an actual person.


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Mario Testino and The Macallan Team Up for Masters of Photography Series

You can already consider Mario Testino a master of photography, but The Macallan is making it official. The spirits brand has tapped Testino for its Masters of Photography series, in which the label gets a famous photographer to put his or her touch on its famous Scotch whisky boxes.

Image: Macallan

Image: The Macallan

The Macallan is producing 1,000 boxes of the Testino-approved Six Pillars Scotch whisky, all of which will feature an exclusive image taken by the photographer at The China Club in Beijing. The sleek, black box (also designed by Testino) has a nook for a large bottle of Scotch whisky, a photo booklet with 20 of Testino’s images as well as a pull-out side drawer filled with six miniature bottles of booze. The photos accompanying the drink collection capture a feeling of glamour, luxury and good ol’ fashioned carefree-ness. (more…)

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Can You Tell Us Who Allure’s December Cover Star Is? (Forum Buzz)

Allure magazine failed to impress our forum members last month with Kerry Washington’s cover and now the magazine’s December cover has fallen out of favor. Allison Williams (Girls, The Mindy Project, Peter Pan Live) stars on the beauty bible’s latest installment, lensed by Carter Smith. Allison gives us good face wearing a dress from Rochas, but even with her brunette tresses styled into loose waves looking as glossy as ever, our forum members are still not convinced.

Allure December 2014 Allison Williams


“No! This girl is so pretty and Allure completely missed the opportunity to bring that out. I just see hair, nothing else. I was actually wondering which cover she’ll get for Peter Pan,” proclaims Benn98, kicking off the thread.

Blueorchid is less than impressed: “I hate to say it, but this is so corny (Allison Williams learns to fly??? Lmao). I can’t believe they’re giving her the cover of any magazine for that ridiculous Peter Pan performance.”

“Learns to fly really is corny, was just thinking the same thing. She is beautiful but that hair isn’t doing her any favors at all and I don’t like this shot,” replies KateTheGreatest in agreement.

Discussion soon shifted as to who Allison Williams actually is. “I don´t know who she is and I don´t like this cover, it´s just so plain imo,” comments an uninterested kokobombon.

“What? What is this? Who [is] she? Why this?” questions a less than satisfied GlamorousBoy.

Justaguy adds, “No idea who she is, but this would make a great shot for a hair ad.”

Benn98‘s enlightens everyone, writing, “You clearly don’t watch Girls with Lena Dunham. She’s one of that show’s leads. Also, she will portray Peter Pan in a live TV special to be aired on December 4 for Americans.”

Add your own two cents inside the thread here. Be sure to check out Allison’s cover story also!

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Ralph Rucci’s Reason for Leaving His Label Is so Meta

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Last week, Ralph Rucci announced his intentions to exit the eponymous label he launched 20 years ago. At the time, the label cited the designer’s desire to “pursue other creative endeavors” as the reason behind his exit. But if you ask Mr. Rucci himself, the answer is a lot more complicated than that. In fact, the original explanation for his departure probably explains a lot more about his reasons for leaving than the designer offered at yesterday’s Fashion Group luncheon at Le Cirque.

According to Page Six, Rucci said he “needed to take a step into the future to put perspective in the past so I can redo the future,” which is possibly the most meta response to a question since Willow and Jaden Smith’s T Magazine interview. Fortunately, André Leon Talley was on hand at the event to help out. The editor blames corporate “thuggery” for Rucci’s untimely departure. Talley explains that the pressures that come from the higher-ups at labels can be taxing on a designer and be stifling to their natural creativity. “Thuggery comes from the corporate heads, the CEOs, who do not yet quite understand the vision of the creative visionary people such as Ralph,” Talley said. “I’m not calling any names, I’m not pointing fingers at anyone, but it is a thuggery behind the world of fashion today.”

Nicolas Ghesquière complained about the same sort of behavior from the corporate end when he left Balenciaga. Though his comments did get him in some legal trouble with the label, he told System magazine that he felt like he was “being sucked dry, like they wanted to steal my identity while trying to homogenise things. It just wasn’t fulfilling anymore.” John Galliano attributed his substance abuse problems to the pressures of having to creatively deliver several collections a year. Marco Zanini just left the house of Schiaparelli and rumor has it that it was because he kept bumping heads with his employers. There seems to be a growing industry-wide tension between designers and label executives that needs to be addressed. Sure, fashion is a moneymaking business, but is it getting too capitalist and clinical, leaving little room for true creativity to flourish? For some designers, it seems so.

[via Page Six

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Sasha Pivovarova Resembles a ‘Runaway from a Psych Ward’ on Vogue Korea’s Cover (Forum Buzz)

We will forever be in favor of Sasha Pivovarova and it’s a pleasure to see the Russian beauty star on Vogue Korea’s December cover. Sasha appears in high spirits sporting a modern short haircut, minimal makeup and wearing an embellished dress and complementing jewelery. The current face of H&M’s Holiday 2015 campaign is certainly no stranger to Vogue Korea as this cover marks the seventh cover appearance for the 29-year-old mother of one. Impressive!

Vogue Korea December 2014 Sasha Pivovarova


But a handful of our forum members are disliking a certain something. “The fact that she is looking away gives it a supplement feel rather than a main cover,” noted TREVOFASHIONISTO, who made a valid point that set the rest of our forum members off.

“That’s exactly what I thought,” replied anlabe32 in agreement.

“I love the shot, it’s vintage Sasha but I agree with you all, eye contact is so important on a cover,” echoed Cosmic Voices.

Also sharing the same sentiments was Nepenthes: “That’s truly gorgeous. I would love it if Sasha was looking at the camera but still very beautiful!”

“Love the styling but I wished she could face us, and for a darker backdrop. It has the same tone as her skin. Hope it’s not a reprint,” proclaimed Benn98.

MyNameIs just wasn’t feeling the cover and commented, “She looks like a runaway from a psych ward. Not a good shot for a Vogue cover.”

We also dislike when cover subjects don’t look out toward us. See inside the thread for more discussion and share your opinion with us here.