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Grace Elizabeth Returns to the Cover of Vogue Russia for a Third Time

We’re pretty into Grace Elizabeth right now, so it’s thrilling to see the all-American beauty get the recognition she deserves. Is it any wonder she’s welcomed back to the cover of Vogue Russia for a third time? Our forums are currently campaigning for Anna Wintour to give Grace the cover of American Vogue, but right now we’re content with covers of Vogue Brazil, Vogue Korea and Vogue Turkey to compensate.

Following a duo of androgynous Bella Hadid covers last month, Grace brings femininity back for April 2019 in a ruffled Gucci number on the spring-like cover, striking a pose before the lens of Yelena Yemchuk and stylist Daniela Paudice.

Vogue Russia April 2019 : Grace Elizabeth by Yelena Yemchuk


Although Grace’s latest received praise, it didn’t exactly enthrall our forum members like her past covers did.

“Lucky it was Grace, her face still manages to stand out; a blander model could’ve easily disappeared completely. Despite the lack of contrast against the background I still like the cover. Grace is easily one of the best cover girls we have at the moment in my opinion,” commented Morgane07.

“I always look forward to Vogue Russia’s spring covers. The sentiment is really nice here and I love her, but her face looks just a bit weird,” wrote Srdjan.

“It’s a nice attempt. I like the pose and I like Grace. The problem here is obviously the styling and the background. It just blends together. This tricky dress would look better on a more neutral background eventually. Grace still manages to make it work though,” Valentine27 echoed.

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Sharing the same love towards Grace was vogue28: “I like it, love the fact Grace lands yet another Vogue cover, the colors and how the texture of the greenery behind complements the ruffles of the Gucci dress.”

Benn98 picked out a few qualms with the cover, writing, “Too beige, and the white masthead almost disappears. I’m sure the styling looked really stunning on a clotheshorse, but once you stick it on the tanned Grace Elizabeth in front of that tree, it all sort of meshes together and not in a good way. Stylistically speaking, a darker skinned model would’ve been better. Or move her away from that tree!”

In agreement over the clash between setting and styling was tigerrouge. “This makes you realize there is an art to UK Bazaar‘s landscape/garden shots, because I can’t recall seeing one where the clothing competed with the background to the point where they canceled each other out,” she posted.

Check out the cover shoot with Grace (and a much more worthy cover shot) and join the conversation here.

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Kate Moss Celebrates Her 40th Appearance on British Vogue With Three Different Covers

A British supermodel on the cover of a British fashion magazine should be a no-brainer, right? Especially when it’s Kate Moss, who just landed her 40th cover of British Vogue (and the first under Edward Enninful’s tenure). To celebrate, Enninful spared no expense, hiring three different photographers—Jamie Hawkesworth, Mikael Jansson and Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin—to shoot Moss for three collectible covers.

UK Vogue May 2019 : Kate Moss by Jamie Hawkesworth, Mikael Jansson & Inez & Vinoodh


According to some of our forum members, the covers didn’t exactly break ground. “A very hard pass on these Moss covers. Edward, you were doing so well!” sighed Velasco.

“These are SO bad. All of them look somewhat unfinished and almost like some provincial edition’s reprints. The typography is so off too. You see far better work in The Cover Challenge Thread! It’s shocking someone gets paid for this art direction,” complained Royal-Galliano.

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Bella Hadid Poses Alongside Greek Antiquities for Vogue Greece’s Stunning Relaunch Covers

Ever since Condé Nast announced back in August that it was relaunching Vogue Greece, our forums have been waiting in suspense for the magazine’s comeback. The wait is finally over, and after a seven-year absence Greek Vogue has returned to newsstands — better and stronger than ever.

This year is looking pretty good for print, with the debut of Vogue Hong Kong just last month while 2018 saw the inauguration of both Vogue Poland and Vogue Czechoslovakia. Who better than Bella Hadid to grace the magazine’s relaunch issue? After all, she knows her way around  a magazine cover shoot or two, is one of the industry’s most sought-after models and looks undeniably remarkable alongside the Greek antiquities in the two celebratory cover images for April 2019, shot by Txema Yeste.

Vogue Greece April 2019 : Bella Hadid by Txema Yeste


The covers sparked great interest on our forums. “This is stunning! This is how you do it. I see the references, the symbolism of the angle. Lovely,” admired MON.

“Absolutely gorgeous! Perfectly showing elements of Greek heritage but in a modern way. Bravo Greek Vogue, Fantastic start for a relaunch!” Blayne266 applauded.

“A nice debut for Vogue Greece! I can’t get enough of the one with the closeup of Bella’s face,” said slayage.

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Another admirer of the outcome was forum member russianelf: “Absolutely gorgeous! Conceptual, but glamorous all the same. Bravo, great debut!”

Melancholybaby made his feelings clear too, writing, “Really nice result. I’m not crazy on how hung up Greek people are with our heritage, but I understand why they wanted to play it up for the debut issue, give it an identity/flavor that’s distinctly Greek.”

“This is actually wonderful. So sick of the Hadid sisters, my god, but it works here. Still I hope they plan to support their own talent, and celebrate their culture like Vogue Arabia does so well, voiced Miss Dalloway.

“Bella looks stunning! This is how you do a debut issue,” commended jorgepalomo.

Vogue Greece April 2019 : Bella Hadid by Txema Yeste


Check out some previews of Bella’s accompanying cover feature and share your thoughts here.

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Claudia Schiffer, Grace Elizabeth and Sasha Pivovarova Pay Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld on Vogue China’s May 2019 Cover

Aside from the odd article and throwback photos on Instagram, there haven’t been any major tributes paid to Karl Lagerfeld since his death in February. But we have a feeling that’s all about to change with the arrival of the May fashion magazines. Vogue China’s May 2019 issue leads the way with a beautiful homage to the legendary designer. The magazine scored some of Lagerfeld’s favorite muses, Claudia Schiffer, Grace Elizabeth and Sasha Pivovarova, who pose wearing archival Chanel pieces on the newsstand cover (below), photographed by Camilla Akrans and styled by Daniela Paudice. Going the extra mile, the girls also star on three solo covers, Schiffer’s being made available exclusively online while Pivovarova’s and Elizabeth’s covers will feature in the digital edition (all pictured after the jump).

Vogue China May 2019 : Claudia Schiffer, Sasha Pivovarova & Grace Elizabeth by Camilla Akrans


Members of our forums were in awe after checking out the covers. “Now that’s how to pay tribute to someone of Karl Lagerfeld’s stature. A real nice effort from Vogue China on this one, extra special to see Claudia Schiffer here and the outcome overall is simply beautiful. Claudia’s solo and the group cover would be the must-haves for me,” vogue28 said.

“What a wonderful way to pay tribute to Karl. Other magazines should be ashamed of themselves,” added dodencebt.

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Vogue Arabia Shatters Stereotypes on Its Triumphant April Cover

It was just last month that Vogue Arabia celebrated two years of publication with Gigi Hadid, and the magazine isn’t showing any signs of ditching its boundary-pushing aesthetic just yet. Always one to highlight their culture (which can, unfortunately, be a rarity), Arabian Vogue welcomes Halima Aden, Amina Adan and Ikram Abdi Omar onto the cover for April 2019. The trio of Hijab-wearing beauties shatter stereotypes in a series of four celebratory covers.

Photographed by Txema Yeste and with Katie Trotter on styling duties behind-the-scenes, the girls pose together in cover one (below) and each goes solo on the remaining bold, unique and distinctive covers (pictured after the jump).

Vogue Arabia April 2019 : Halima Aden, Amina Adan & Ikram Abdi Omar by Txema Yeste


Members of our covers were intrigued. “Wow, striking! Particularly like the contrast. A minor quibble would be to just zoom it out a tad more to see the fashion and make it look like the white space is, in fact, three separate bodies. But it’s a great shot nevertheless. Wish Ugbad [Adbi] also got this cover,” voiced Benn98.

“Wow I love this! Where is Ugbad though? Halima looks AMAZING! Stunning cover,” chimed in RMDV.

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“Beautiful cover, has a slightly classic/vintage vibe to it but it also feels very current,” Wintergreen admired.

“It’s just a gorgeous cover shot, the art direction is a bit too UK Vogue, but they all look so beautiful, and content, I like it,” approved Miss Dalloway.

Sharing the same sentiment toward the stunning outcome was mepps: “All of the covers are gorgeous. Every single one of them!”

Srdjan sure liked what he saw too, raving, “God, Halima is so stunning! That solo portrait of hers reminds me a lot of Kate Moss’s picture for Love by Mert & Marcus but she might look even better here! Can’t look away!”

Vogue Arabia April 2019 : Halima Aden, Amina Adan & Ikram Abdi Omar by Txema Yeste


Are you fans of the covers just as much as we are? Show your favorite some love and join the conversation here.

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Jenna Coleman Makes Her Debut on British Harper’s Bazaar April 2019 Cover

It is on a very rare occasion that a magazine cover features a fresh new face, and thankfully someone who is lacking in newsstand presence graces British Harper’s Bazaar for April 2019. We’ve come to admire the magazine for being persistent with its quintessentially British vision, which most of the time works oh so wonderfully well (see the Cate Blanchett, Emily Blunt and Saoirse Ronan covers). This month sees actress Jenna Coleman making her debut as a Bazaar cover girl, receiving the full cover treatment throughout the shoot, which was captured around the majestic surroundings of Kensington Palace.

Shot by David Slijper and styled by Miranda Almond, Jenna gives us young Keira Knightley vibes in the two covers, wearing a floral Alexander McQueen number in the newsstand cover (below) and a show-stopping Emilia Wickstead gown in the subscriber alternative (after the jump).

UK Harper's Bazaar April 2019 : Jenna Coleman by David Slijper


Did the covers receive the all-important approval from our forum members? “I have no idea who is she, probably a local celeb, but glad a new face got the cover. And it’s a nice spring-like one,” admired Srdjan.

“Nice to see Sljiper back shooting for them,” added 8eight.

“I miss those times when covers were either conceptual or naive, but speaking to some theme or season just like this one. Simple and nice to look at. When people wanted to be just glamorous. Nowadays it is rare to get quietly elegant covers without something vulgar,” appreciated dontbeadrag.

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However, not everyone was impressed. “Very glad for Jenna and surprised that she had to wait this long for her first major cover. Pity it’s so uneventful for me. I find the dress really ugly (of course, it’s McQueen under Sarah Burton). But then they had to shoot it against a patterned backdrop. It’s just a bit of an eyesore. The yellow masthead almost disappears, and her hair and expression look blasé,” complained Benn98.

“It feels a bit like they were so excited to be allowed to shoot a cover inside Kensington Palace they completely overlooked the fact it isn’t actually very cover-worthy,” noted an underwhelmed honeycombchild.

Perickles wasn’t a fan of the surroundings either: “Too much wallpaper and tapestry!”

“What an insipid, generic cover,” Miss Dalloway called out.

UK Harper's Bazaar April 2019 : Jenna Coleman by David Slijper


Is it a hit or miss of a cover for British Harper’s Bazaar this month? See what else the issue has to offer and join the conversation here.

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