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B. Smith, Former Model and Restaurateur, Found After Going Missing for an Evening

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty Images

The search was on today for former model and restaurateur B. Smith, who was reported missing. The 65-year-old beauty was seen on the Hampton Jitney going from New York City to Sag Harbor. She is said to have been last seen around South Hampton at 8 p.m. in a pink shirt, blue sweater jeans and sneakers. A man in Sag Harbor is said to have run into Smith at around 10 p.m.

While all missing persons cases are scary, this one was particularly frightening since Smith suffers from Alzheimers.

Thankfully, she has been found. Page Six reports Smith, whose first name is Barbara, was spied in a Manhattan diner today, although it is unclear if her Alzheimers symptoms are to blame for her disappearance. 

Smith has been called a “renaissance woman” by the The New York Times for her food and lifestyle know-how as well as her skills as a TV personality, style and as an actress. She was the first black woman to cover Mademoiselle magazine in July of 1976. 

[via Page Six, B.Smith]

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Net-a-Porter May Be Going Public

Image: Net-a-Porter

Image: Net-a-Porter

Net-a-Porter might soon be going public. According to Bloomberg, the luxury e-tailer’s parent company, Cie Financiere Richemont, is considering putting it up on the market. Apparently, Richemont is trying to decide whether to go with a public offering or sell Net-a-Porter altogether. 

Rumors of Net-a-Porter going up for sale have been swirling since last year and at the time, Richemont denied those whispers. This year, the website is said to have done $728 million in sales, which is just a few hundred million shy of a billion. Next year, they’re expected to do even better, pulling in $825 million. But for now, Richemont is keeping tight-lipped on its plans for the website.

Early this morning, Net-a-Porter’s Black Friday sale crashed the website, inconveniencing several online shoppers in the U.S. and internationally. Bargain hunters took to Twitter this morning to air their grievances, but since then the website has gone back online – except for the sale section, which is still not accessible. Two hours ago, Net-a-Porter tweeted that the sale would soon return, blaming the “unprecedented demand” for the shut down.

We wonder if a public option would spark a similar feeding frenzy for the e-tailer, but only time will tell. 

[via Bloomberg]

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H&M’s Conscious Initiatives are Costing It Money

Image: H&M

Image: H&M

H&M has been praised by several people for its commitment to putting out fairly-produced clothing items which don’t pose a significant risk to the environment. The retailer stresses its commitment to creating sustainable products and even puts out a yearly sustainability report in order to encourage transparency and let the people know the steps it’s taking to make a positive impact. 

An infographic from its latest report boasts all of H&M’s impressive accomplishments in the area of social and environmental sustainability. Highlights include signing the Bangladesh Building Accord, donating over 3.5 million old clothes to charity and its liberal use of recycled polyester. But a commitment to such a noble purpose doesn’t come without cost. Karl-Johan Persson, H&M’s president and CEO, told the Washington Post, “All other things equal, profits would be higher. But we believe in the long-term business case. We sacrifice short-term gains.”

Right now, H&M supports fair wage and working condition initiatives, and has partnered with WWF for the past three years on clean water initiatives. In addition, its foundation supports educational and women’s empowerment projects. Sure, it’s costing money, but being on the right side of history and affecting positive change in the retail sector seems to be more of a concern. “Higher wages equal higher prices,” Persson said, noting that H&M is already making up the difference with its own money, so the consumer doesn’t have to.

[via Washington Post, H&M]

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Laetitia Casta Goes Topless for Lui Magazine’s December/January Cover (Forum Buzz)

Nude magazine covers are everywhere right now and it appears as though they’re taking us into the new year as well. Lui magazine’s latest conquest is Laetitia Casta who poses inside a cardboard box wearing nothing but a pair of fancy footwear. The French title has been attracting its fair share of relevant cover subjects this year, tapping the likes of Kate Moss, Rihanna and Gisele Bundchen. Who’s next? Kim Kardashian? We have to say, Laetitia is looking mighty fine on this particular cover.

Lui Magazine December 2014 January 2015 Laetitia Casta


Our forum members are starting to add their two cents inside the thread. Benn98 kicks us off, writing, “Nice shot, she looks hot here. I don’t remember her having really big boobs. Judging by her hands, it gives the impression that there’s a lot to cover. We’ll have to see the ed.”

“It’s like she hasn’t aged a day since the 90s,” compliments ALAUU.

La veronika is also a fan as she comments, “Love it! She still rocks.”

“Finally! I knew she’d make it to Lui eventually so I’m happy about this. Hopefully the editorial will be more exciting because in spite of the fact that Laetitia has one of the best bodes ever to be seen in fashion I find myself looking straight towards those ugly lace socks,” adds Luxx.

Yet not everyone is so satisfied. “Given that I can remember the days when she was the most luscious girl you’d get to see on the printed page, this just seems disappointing. It’s not because she’s older, it’s because this looks so tired and cheap. The ‘present’ looks like a stripper’s prop that’s been wheeled out every year until it’s as tatty as it is tacky, with a woman who’s making a shopping list in her head and wondering when she can put her clothes back on because it’s so cold in the studio,” writes tigerrogue.

Do you think much of Laetitia Casta’s latest magazine cover? Await the cover story and join the discussion for yourself inside the thread here.

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Frances Bean Cobain Signs on as Executive Producer for a Documentary About Her Father

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Frances Bean Cobain was just around two years old when Kurt Cobain took his life. Now, the 22-year-old is working on a documentary about her father, in collaboration with director Brett Morgen. This will be the first documentary backed by members of Cobain’s family – in fact, they’ve given Morgen their full stamp of approval and Frances Bean has signed on as Executive Producer of the film. 

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck has been in the works for quite some time – Morgen started on the project in 2007. The film is said to have several hours of never before seen or heard audio and video from the late rocker, as well as visual art pieces created by Cobain himself. All this new material has been unearthed thanks to the support of Cobain’s family, who allowed Morgen to dig into Kurt’s archives and personal works in order to flesh out the film. 

Frances Bean tweeted some excited words about the documentary, which she calls “an intense yet wonderful examination of Kurt’s life & art.”  You’ll be able to catch the film on HBO once it drops next year.

[via Vanity Fair, @alka_seltzer666]


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Forum Members Weigh in on Issa Lish’s Vogue Mexico Cover (Forum Buzz)

After rave reviews for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s cover for Vogue Mexico’s November issue, the magazine now releases its latest installment. Issa Lish stars on the December 2014 cover as well as Vogue Latin America’s December cover. Photographed by Alexei Hay, the Mexican model strikes her best pose while wearing a show-stopping ensemble from Balmain. According to our forum members, this is the first time in ages a Mexican model has fronted Vogue Mexico, so major kudos to them!

Vogue Mexico December 2014 Issa Lish


Yet our forum members are left with mixed reactions. “Wow, I’m bored to death,” disapproves xCupcakex.

Oxymore doesn’t seem impressed: “I love that red Balmain fur! But her… she looks bored or on drugs.”

“She looks half sleep/bored to death on the cover,” slates inwhiterooms.

Issa cannot catch a break from our forum members this time around. “Her career didn’t really go anywhere did it?” questions an underwhelmed A.D.C.

TREVOFASHIONISTO soon comes to Issa’s defense and replies, “Steven Meisel Vogue Italia anniversary cover, a Coach campaign by Steven Meisel, the Balmain campaign by Mario Sorrenti, very exclusive and top notch runway season, and an OG Vogue Mexico cover not a good career for a model’s first full season? Vogue Mexico may not be the biggest of Vogues but I’m sure for her (being Mexican) it’s probably a proud moment for her and her family.”

“I’m here for Issa! Not in the slightest groundbreaking but Issa looks outstanding. How long has it been since a Mexican model has been on their cover? Way too long!” enthuses TheoG.

Issa was shot for a series of fashion stories for the issue and those can, of course, be previewed inside the thread here. Be sure to also let us know what you think of Vogue Mexico’s efforts this month!