Celebrity Fashion

10 Celebs We Want to Make Over

For the most part, Hollywood’s leading men and women are glamorous, proper, and very well groomed.

But for every 50 stars with nary a hair out of place, there is one celebrity consistently deemed a beauty disaster.

Blame it on disheveled hair, cheap extensions, too much make-up, sun-damaged skin, tacky clothes, or a look that’s simply out of place for the occasion.

Here are 10 stars who seem to always miss the mark.

1. Lindsay Lohan: It comes as little surprise that court dates, hard partying, and too much sun exposure aren’t exactly a recipe for beautiful skin.

2. Jared Leto: Where’s the cutie from My So Called Life? Leto looks more like his drug-addicted character in Requiem For A Dream these days.  3. Christina Aguilera: So much for hoping XTina would get a post-divorce, toned down makeover.
4. Pamela Anderson:  Au natural doesn’t work for everyone, and although Anderson has beautiful bone structure, all that Baywatch sun damage has left her skin in need of more than a bit of daily cover-up.  5. Joan Rivers:  Her face may be frightening, and her cat-like eyebrows over-the-top, but at least Rivers has beautiful (albeit surgically enhanced) hands.
6. Carrot Top:  A man should never wear more make-up than his date.  Carrot Top looks like a scary soccer mom.  7. Taylor Momsen:  The actress/singer’s raccoon eyes and disheveled platinum hair wouldn’t work on anyone – unless they were part of a Halloween costume.  Knowing that Momsen is still just a teenager makes her overdone look even more disturbing.
8. Axl Rose:  Think Brett Michaels’ hair is bad? Nothing can compare to Axl Rose in cornrows.   

9. Aubrey O’Day:  Sure, she’s single and on the prowl, but even so, combining eye lash extensions that nearly touch her brows with cat eye make-up and crimson lips is overkill. 10.  Leighton Meester:  Clearly, Meester is trying to distance herself from her posh Upper East Side Gossip Girl counterpart, but off-the-mark eye colors, thick brows, and bright popping lips are not the way to go.