Steal Pippa Middleton’s Style

Pippa Middleton (or her royal hotness to you and me) has been the unfortunate subject of a media frenzy this week due to her pal's antics whilst holidaying in Paris. So, it’s hard for us to simply let this week pass us by without doing some kind of feature on her, but as not to fuel the negative criticism which the gossip mill is currently churning, let’s focus on her flawless style instead.

Parisian Chic
Pippa typically opts for the obvious sleek British look, and on her casual days, she is most frequently seen wearing smart trousers, a crisp shirt, and a tailored blazer. Regarding her Parisian holiday wardrobe, that didn't differ too much from her usual style either. Above, we can see Pippa chose an on-trend white lace dress teamed with a smart tailored black blazer to accompany her friend, French fashion designer, Viscount Arthur de Soultrait for lunch in Paris.

Fancy Dress Fun
At night, Pippa allowed the world to have a peek at her more fun side when she attended an eighteenth century themed fancy dress party in order to celebrate her friend’s thirtieth birthday. Above, we can see that she opted for a short multi-coloured silk dress accompanied by cropped black leggings. The fact that Pippa attended such a publically located event whilst wearing the outfit, and knowingly expected photographers to be waiting for her arrival, demonstrates to us that Pippa isn’t scared of having fun with her fashion choices.

Temperley, Pippa’s Favourite Label?
Both of the Middleton sisters seemingly adore designs by Alice Temperley, justified by the fact that they are frequently seen wearing items by the label, and not to mention Pippa’s famous fashion choice for the Royal Wedding. Pippa also chose only to attend the Temperley show at the last London Fashion Week, and of course was papped wearing a Temperley dress in the front row. Check out the beautiful silk fan patterned dress below. 

Stealing Her Sister's Clothes 
Only a couple of weeks ago, we revealed to you that Pippa's big sis, Kate, borrowed and wore their mum's vintage blue Reiss dress for her first solo public speech. Well, it seems that it's a family thing as the sisters are also often photographed in each other's clothes. It's nice to see that Mrs. Middleton taught them the principle of sharing well! All of the Middletons' styles have been celebrated at some point, and now we know that it's all down to teamwork. 

Images: omg Yahoo, Grazia , GraziaDaily, Andrew Childs/WENN.com