Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewellery Auction

The legendary British born actress, Elizabeth Taylor, was equally as famous for her movie career as she was for her exquisite taste in fine jewellery and tendency to marry. The late actress’ jewellery collection was auctioned by Christie's, and the event was recently documented on British television with an explanation behind how she came to acquire some of the most pivotal pieces. The show featured interviews with some of her former acquaintances, colleagues, and lifelong friends, who overall explained that she always asked for a present (i.e. jewellery) and that, in a way, the price of the present symbolised to her how important she was to that person.  

It was most definitely Elizabeth’s love life which brought her to the forefront of the public’s consciousness, and in particular, it was an already married Elizabeth’s affair with her married co-star Richard Burton on the set of Cleopatra, which dominated international headlines. As the film was being shot in Rome, the pair’s adulterous antics also angered the Pope, which Elizabeth allegedly found rather amusing. Despite how Elizabeth may be perceived, one of her friends was ready to defend her legacy by explaining that she certainly wasn’t promiscuous because she actually married each man with whom she had sexual relations.

Liz Taylor and Richard Burton in Cleopatra

Two of her Finest Pieces

History aside, the auction raised $135 million, the largest amount ever raised for just one person’s personal jewellery collection, so let’s take a look at two of the auction’s juiciest pieces. Probably one of her most breathtaking pieces had to be La Peregrina pearl, not necessarily for its beauty, but for its actual history, as previous owners included Queen Mary Tudor and the King of Spain. Can you even imagine being granted the privilege of owning something with such elite royal heritage? Quite worryingly for Elizabeth, the pearl was actually swallowed by her dog, and well, we can only imagine the stressful aftermath which ensued for its retrieval! As Richard Burton played such an important role in her life then, so was the jewellery which he purchased for her. As an engagement ring, he presented her with the completely OTT Krupp diamond, which over the years proceeded to be called the Taylor-Burton diamond. Elizabeth believed that the bigger the jewellery the more beautiful it made her look, but her former co-star, the legendary Mickey Rooney, seemingly disagreed, as he expressed that a person is truly beautiful without any extravagant frosting.


Lindsay Lohan Cast as Elizabeth Taylor 

It’s recently been announced that Lindsay Lohan is set to star as Elizabeth Taylor in a television film based on the late actress’ life called Liz and Dick. It’s nice to see that the American actress has finally got her career back on track, but is it really possible to convincingly transform her into such a famous style icon? 

Images:  WENN.com