Socializing: Emmy Rossum’s Rocky Workout and Other Celeb #Selfies of the Week

1. Emmy Rossum's Rocky Workout 


2. Sophia Bush Meets the Queen

"Chillin with the Queen. How I love this woman!!@queenlatifah. She's so warm, kind, inspiring, and powerful! Be sure to catch our interview! http://t.co/izXDRc5iWt #inspired #chicagopd (and since a few of you have asked, the dress is @forloveandlemons)."


3. Suki Waterhouse Sees Double


4. Hayley Atwell Has a Tiny Drinking Problem


5. Joan Smalls in Training

"#TBT Always a Poser since I was a young thing (I'm the one in the Middle) #BestFriends #Sisters #Love4Ever#ErikaSmalls #BetsySmalls."


6. Lena Dunham Brings Back Temp Tatts

"I'm an old warrior with old battle scars."


7. Mollie King's Skirt Person Problems

"You know you're wearing a big skirt when you lose your dog under it."


8. Kilo Kish's New Look

"Sexy. #seamineralmask #blackgirlbonnet."


9. Miley Cyrus Mourns Her Dog 


10. Dianna Agron Keeps Us Guessing

"What!!? @GarberStyle"