That Time of the Month? o.b.® Tampons Have You Covered


More than ever, we’re creatures of convenience. When life (or someone incredibly genius) throws us an easy solution to a long-suffering task, we’re more than excited to take advantage. This applies to everything from using on-the-fly car services to simplifying our hygiene routines. And as women, many of us have quite the laundry list of beauty and hygiene to-dos.

That’s why o.b.® tampons are so incredible. They take the time and guesswork out of finding the perfect form of personal protection, thanks to an innovative, applicator-free design. By using your finger to guide the tampon into place, you’re intuitively finding the position that is most comfortable for you. 

This wouldn’t be possible if o.b.® tampons were enormous — but these little wonders are discreet and oh-so-portable. Naturally, that means there’s minimal packaging to deal with and dispose of, and valuable purse space is spared for other important essentials. In fact, they’re tiny enough to fit into anything from a pocket to a small wristlet, and they’re completely sealed for your safety.

What makes them even more appealing, though, is the fact that they eliminate the major headache associated with that time of the month: protection. No one wants to deal with an unfortunate accident, but the o.b.® tampons FluidLock® design is used to help prevent such calamities from occurring. Even better, o.b. ® tampons are available in several varieties, so you can choose the right absorbency for your specific needs.

Whether you require a lower or heavier absorbency tampon, take literal comfort in the impressive assortment available. There are Original varieties in Regular, Super, Super Plus and Ultra. For an even more luxurious feel, o.b.® Pro Comfort ® is designed with SilkTouch™ cover (just as soft as it sounds!) and is available in Regular and Super varieties. 

Of course, once your tampon is in place, you’ll be confident knowing you’re using the most convenient and comfortable option available.

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