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Tom Ford, In the Flesh, Launches Beauty Collection

Tom Ford


Tom Ford and Fern Mallis

Tom Ford takes at least three baths a day and boy does it show. The designer made a rare personal appearance at Bergdorf Goodman yesterday to unveil his much-buzzed about cosmetic range and he, and his collection, are as immaculate as you’d expect – and then some. Dressed in a perfectly fitted crisp black suit and a tie (despite the fact that ties give the designer headaches and much to the disappointment of some of the women in line hoping to get a glimpse of him with an unbuttoned collar), Ford greeted everyone he met with a handshake and a gracious smile.

Yes, even the designer's shopping bags and the press passes at the event were chic.

Among those that joined the long line of men and women queued up to get everything from Tom Ford perfume bottles to Tom Ford stilletos signed were Fern Mallis, Leonard Lauder, David Hoey, and Dawn Mello. As for myself, when I met the designer, who stood behind a counter on a silver pedestal wearing a melange of four of his fragrances, to have him sign a bottle of Santal Blush, he shook my hand and exclaimed, “Your hands are cold…in a good way!” before shaking my hand for a second time. Finally, my lack of good blood circulation has paid off! While we were asked not to take photographs of the designer up close, in a nod to how meticulous anything involving Ford is, there were model-like ushers to hold each guest's bag, coat, and anything else they might be carrying as they met Ford.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford's John Hancock. How fantastic does the gold look against the blush bottle?

The 120-piece collection itself is stunning, and if a number of the items didn’t sell out yesterday, I would be shocked. In fact, the line and hoards of women picking at the collection was so intense, a few guests said they would come back in a few days because of the crowd. It's hard not to want everything in the collection (The polishes! The glosses!) because not only is the packaging understated yet luxe, but the color selection is flawless and the quality, from the products I've tried, is truly impressive.

It's been a while since a designer has launched a game-changing cosmetics range, but Ford's line is certainly one that is poised to do just that.

The line of people waiting to meet Tom Ford.