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Top Trends in Fine Jewellery: A tFS Interview with Myles Mindham

I sat down this week with Myles Mindham, Owner of Mindham Fine Jewellery to get to the bottom of bling. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, after all. While I don't have a prince charming to send hints to for Valentine's Day, I will have to live vicariously through those that do. 

The Fashion Spot: I love all your stuff, I'm a die hard fan! When it comes to investment pieces, what's the best way to choose one?

Myles Mindham: You want to choose a piece that has original style and outstanding craftsmanship, featuring gems of the finest quality. It also helps if the item has been made by a recognizable manufacturer or retailer. These companies (who take great care to protect their excellent reputations) ensure each of these factors is incorporated into their pieces.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Most jewellery professionals will gladly share their wisdom and guide you to make a quality purchase.

tFS: If you've been eyeing a piece for a while, how do you subtly drop hints that there are certain pieces you want?

MM: The best way I know that a lady can gently suggest a desired item to her partner is through repeatedly voicing her admiration of the item she wants. Repeatedly being the key word — most men don't take the first hint!

Every time you see an item of jewellery you like, point it out! Use a friend's recent gift as an opportunity to praise her partner for his taste, awareness, generosity, and intelligence in selecting such a special item. Gentle hints, they all add up! Men also may need help with knowing where to purchase something. When you're out together, visit jewellery shops — make it about him and stop in to look at watches or cufflinks.

tFS: Those are good tips indeed. What are some of the trends you have been noticing in jewellery:

MM: If a client wants a really current engagement ring, a halo-surrounded diamond in white gold or platinum is ON right now!

Darker jewellery has been a lot of fun to work with recently. Using black or brown diamonds in various designs has a very dramatic effect and has been a growing trend with the most stylish of clients!

Over the past year, mixing things up has gone from experimental to fashionable. Precious gems mixed with other elements like sting ray leather, fur, wood, and steel make for distinctive and unusual pieces.. Since gold has more than doubled in price over the last two years, these creative mixed mediums make larger items much more affordable.