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Taylor Jacobson and Brett Alan Nelson Show Their ‘LA Style’

We know Taylor Jacobson as the moody, yet efficient, stylist assistant from season one of The Rachel Zoe Project and from her from her guest spot on Oxygen's Hair Battle Spectacular. Now, she's set to star in LA Style, a new fashion reality series airing on the Oxygen network sometime this year.

Taylor Jacobson and Brett Alan Nelson of LA Style, image:

Rumored to be filming during New York Fashion Week, the series chronicles four up-and-coming stylists on the Hollywood scene. It's said to show the backstabbing, catty, petty, and cutthroat scene behind the red carpet. Star and workaholic, Taylor has a fully established list of prestigious clients, but will she be able to protect her contacts to keep them away from her rival stylists? Sammy and Judy (aka The Kids) are a double-threat when in comes to their styling efforts, a fashion duo who styles the hottest clients from the young and cool Hollywood crowd including Kelly Rowland, Kim Kardashian, Kristin Cavallari, Cindy Crawford, Minnie Driver, Miranda Cosgrove, Nicole Scherzinger, Pink, and Paris Hilton, just to name a few. Then there's Ashley Zohar, who likes to keep people on their toes. Not only is she Taylor's best friend, but she's also her part-time assistant in addition to being a stylist herself.

The final stylist, Brett Alan Nelson, will do anything and everything to make a style all his own. His goal is to never have a client classified as the "worst dressed". You may have seen him previously as a junior stylist on the MTV reality docu-drama Styl'd. Repped by a high-profile styling agency, he's making waves as what he calls "the male version of Betsey Johnson." I caught up with Brett about the show and what this crazy cast has in store for us.

the Fashion Spot: What about the show is really going to excite viewers?

Brett Alan Nelson: I think the really cool thing about this show is that you get to see all aspects of the styling industry. With most shows on TV, you don't really get to see what happens inside what we do. Most people think that styling is a bunch of fun and anyone can do it, but there's a lot of work involved. I know a lot of people who have worked very, very hard to get where they are in their careers, like myself. I mean, I've lost peers and lost friendships down the road, but you have to keep your eye on your goal. You have to be what you want and I think we show that.

tFS: What specifically do you bring to the show?

BAN: Well, I think we're all very different. It's not a big cast, but it's a cast of different people. I have a lot of fun when it comes to clothing. Taylor, for instance, who I think is just an amazing stylist, focuses a lot on red carpet, which isn't really what I do. I work more in the music industry and have a lot more fun with clothing, so the viewers are going to get to see a different side of the styling world with me… and I'm crazy! (He laughs.)

tFS: Well, crazy's always good.

BAN: Yea, crazy's always good.

tFS: Okay. Any sneak peeks or hints? What can you tell us about what we should expect to see?

BAN: There's definitely drama. I mean, there's always drama when there's cameras around. I think it's very unexpected. I know that people are expecting something, but I feel like there's a lot of drama that has happened in the press with unknown names that I won't talk about… with one of our cast members. (Hint.) I feel like a lot of people want to see what's happening in her life. I think it's good that it's more than just Taylor. You get to really see what happens between all of us and the weird ties that we all have with each other. We're all connected in weird ways. The styling industry, as big as it is, we all know each other. We all want your clients. We all want to know where you're pulling from.

tFS: Are you going to be at New York Fashion Week at all?

BAN: We are. I know Taylor and I are going. I don't know if "The Kids" are going. We will definitely be there, cameras or not… but I know that cameras WILL be involved. (He chuckles.)


Actress Magen Mattox is also supposed to be on the show, but we're not sure what kind of "role" she will be playing. Whatever the case, star Taylor Jacobson always makes for great entertainment and shows great style, so it should be fun to watch.