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Michael Kors Fall 2012 Runway Review

You know that happy feeling you get around the holidays? Michael Kors’ Fall 2012 with its cozy blanket coats, floor length sequins, and notes of bright red left one with that same fuzzy feeling. Kors himself must certainly be feeling all warm and fuzzy as the headlines on most papers yesterday announced the robust nature of the designer's stock, which went from an initial public offering of $25 in December to over $42 per share after a 68% revenue jump was announced yesterday. Post Fall 2012, things can only get better for Kors.

Even those averse to plaid will have a tough time denying the winter appeal of his fringed blanket coats. A parade of plaid aside, fur was a big statement making point this season with the designer nodding to some of last season’s safari moments, notably via neutral-toned long vests, rugged belted coats, and an imposing (in a good way) tasseled cape. Boots and handbags were similarly adorned with conspicuous touches of fur.

The most memorable looks, however, were the languid gowns that closed out the show, which hit home the designer’s "rugged elegance" inspiration.