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Seven for all Mankind Spring 2012…And James Franco [VIDEO]

I'm not much of a jeans girl. I don't like to feel constricted and it seems that, for the most part, flattering jeans leave me feeling like I have sausage legs (and it turns out my avoidance of skintight jeans might be for the better!). That said, when I walked into Seven For All Mankind's bright and spacious Manhattan showroom yesterday, my eyes jetted to a pair of floral denim jeans that I immediately decided I just had to have. I was there to check out the Spring 2012 collection, which just launched online, and to find out more about the James Franco-directed corresponding ad campaign; fittingly those covetable florals are part of the new lineup.

Seven enlisted the actor-student-author-director to direct a film, which he then cut up into episodes, each of which will appear over the course of the next few weeks on a dedicated Youtube channel (read more about it here). Needless to say, the talk amongst myself and the other women invited to the showroom centered around whether James Franco would make an appearance and while he didn't, we were able to preview episode #2, which doesn't launch until tomorrow. Catch a sneak peek of it here: 

Honestly, I was prepared to dislike the James Franco-directed shorts and shots (no one can be that multi-talented), but the campaign plays perfectly to the brand's aspirational California lifestyle image and it's hard to argue with how appealing the actors/models make this season's collection look (someone get me that floral bra top!).

The collection, as mentioned, includes some fantastic limited-edition florals which have been fashioned into jeans, vests, shorts, skirts, and bra tops along with some bright denim, lustrous denim, foil splattered tops and bottoms, a variety of fringe accented pieces, and some killer ikat bottoms. Check out the entire lineup here. Sure does make you wish it was already Spring…