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Blugirl Fall 2012 Runway Review

The Blufin family of brands always skews young but it’s especially important to remember that when Blugirl was launched in 1995, its target market was teenagers and young women. Alongside the dramatic and mature shows of Milan Fashion Week, it’s jarring to see shapes and colors suitable for a schoolgirl. That said, and keeping the target in mind, this season’s Blugirl collection was still slightly disjointed. The first section, which highlighted cute sixties shapes in shades of blue and red, was filled with pieces perfect for a back-to-school wardrobe (this is fall after all), but it quickly turned odd when a series of frosty pastel ski-bunnies came walking after.

This quickly transitioned into an all-white section, which featured more fluffy Mongolian fur than a schoolgirl would ever need, then into a dramatic black section of embellished cocktail and evening wear. Deconstructed, the collection featured wearable shapes, including the ever-present drop waist, and a lot of very cute, saleable pieces, but all together it was an over-styled parade. Perhaps, in showing on schedule at a major fashion week, Blugirl has garnered a lot more attention than it would if it just sold directly to stores, but a collection like this begs the question: is it really appropriate? Perhaps it’s the standard runway format, or the shows that show alongside, but Blugirl’s youthful looks just seem out of place.