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Milan Fashion Week Fall 2012 Hits and Misses, Part 1 (Forum Buzz)

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2012 Hits and Misses

Forum members always look forward to Fashion Week in Milan because of the storied fashion houses that show there. The runway presentations are lavish and exciting, and the expectation for innovation is high. Here are their picks for Milan’s hits and misses thus far.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2012 Hits - No. 21, Gucci, Jo No Fui
The Hits: No. 21, Gucci, Jo No Fui


No. 21

“Fantastic, fantastic collection. I'm in love with each and every single piece and put together in this styling it all looks even more delicious.” [mackos]

“Now this I love!! One of my faves to look forward to in Milan and it does not disappoint. There are great looks for both day and evening, and it's nice and compact too – not too many pieces.” [Not Plain Jane]

Alessandro [Dell’Acqua] is truly talented and a genuine designer who makes women look amazingly and effortlessly beautiful, simple as that. [The collection is] obviously very styled, of course—but it never comes across contrived and ‘fashiony,’ there's always a sense of real coolness about his clothes and his woman… And thank you for presenting a well-edited and tight collection, and not a hundred outfits.” [Phuel]



“I don't really ever care for Gucci but I love the look of this, it's the kind of luxury and… pride I associate the brand with. The palette and textures are so rich and beautifully arranged (kudos to the stylist).” [MulletProof

“The details in this collection are extraordinary! All that brocade, velvet, fur, feathers, etc—it’s all very luxurious… Overall, a good solid collection from [Frida] Giannini. It’s not for everyone, but I admire the bold aesthetic choices here.” [helmut.newton

“This is one of their strongest collections in a long time. Although I can't pick out one particular piece that I love, I thought that the majority of the looks were very moody and darkly romantic.” [Fiercification]

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Jo No Fui

“Totally digging this.” [softgrey]

“She had me from the first look, and I think those gradient pieces are really well done.” [ChrissyM]

“That first coat is so lovely it almost hurts… loving this.” [clocked]


Milan Fashion Week Fall 2012 Misses - Fendi, Prada, Blugirl
The Misses: Fendi, Prada, Blugirl



“Very messy! So many weird details.” [KatherineCouture]

“The fur coats are ugly. You'd have to be blind to actually wear them.” [ALAUU]

“I feel like the fur, leather and asymetry were all handled better by various designers during NYFW. This collection is really unattractive.” [loladonna]

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“I'm really not ready yet for such a heavy dose of early 70s again. Honestly, I don't get this collection. The embellishments feel like a forced attempt to inject some life into otherwise dull clothes. The prints are too much on the eye for me and the flat shoes are just… ugh… some of the most awful shoes I have ever seen in my life.” [Mr-Dale]

“I am one of Prada's biggest fans, but I have to say this collection has disappointed me greatly… About 99% of this just screams 'fashion victim.' A high-waisted skirt worn over pants, combined with a cropped jacket? I pity the woman who buys into this 'vision.' What I fail to understand in this collection is where her taste level has gone? Everything is so incredibly kitschy and unflattering. I have tried to see how these pieces could work, but to be honest, a lot of these pieces alone, as single pieces, are truly hideous.” [helmut.newton]

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“I want to cut Blugirl a break because I know it's a diffusion line, and the clothes are meant for younger wearers and aren't supposed to be super sophisticated… but I just don't like this.” [ChrissyM]

“It just screams too childish specially the purple furs, bleh.” [SiFranz]

“Those boots are heinous.” [masquerade]

All images: imaxTREE