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Giorgio Armani Fall 2012 Runway Review

We got a major dose of above-the-knee cropped pants at Giorgio Armani’s Emporio Armani collection this season and now they return at his namesake show, worn over tights. More Fall-appropriate than Bermuda shorts, this season’s Armani lineup had plenty of loosely tailored menswear-inspired trousers, paired with flats, that reflected the collection’s “Easy Chic” title well.

As has been widely noted, the Milan shows thus far have been veering towards the dark side, but Armani was able to keep that trend going while infusing jolts of color (mainly orange and fuchsia), for a collection that felt vibrant while maintaining an overall Fall/Winter aesthetic.

Sculpted details were prominent throughout, particularly when it came to tops, as was menswear-inspired suiting. Looks came in a variety of prints and fabrics, but the focus with Armani is mainly on the tailoring and it’s nice to see a relaxed look for the season. That said, those looking for a bit more ostentatious glamour will have a lot to love in the way of the bright fur tops and the head-to-toe sequin jumpsuit that closed out the show.