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A New Way to Shop: Mobile Fashion Trucks

Ah, the sweet call of an ice cream truck. When you were younger (or maybe even now), it probably sounded like music to your ears. Now that you're all grown up, there's a new kind of truck selling all kinds of treats to make you salivate. No, not a taco truck, though those are good, too. We're talking about fashion trucks!

What began as an underground indie movement is quickly gaining steam with fashionistas coast-to-coast. In a still struggling economy, mobile stores provide shop owners a more cost-friendly way to run their businesses. With people being as lazy as they are about not leaving their neighborhoods, mobile fashion trucks allow up-and-coming designers and shop owners a way to reach customers who may not have heard of them. Many of these boutiques-on-the-go connect with shoppers via Twitter and Facebook to allow followers to find them no matter where they are. Here are some of the best.