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Bec & Bridge AW2012 ‘Jardin Exotica’

Like many great artists, post-impressionist painter Henri Rousseau was only truly appreciated after his death. Luckily for local fashion designers Bec & Bridge, it’s taken less than a decade for their creations to be appreciated both in Australia and around the globe. Bec & Bridge’s much-anticipated AW2012 collection ‘Jardin Exotica’ is inspired by the works of Rousseau, and has finally hit stores in its jungle-inspired entirety. 

Jardin Exotica is a continuation of Becky Cooper and Bridget Yorston’s contoured lines and sleek silhouettes, as well as their affection for vibrant prints that make the brand such a hit with cool kids across Australia. The Saint-Cloud Asymmetrical and Shift dresses feature an inky blue cloud print, calling to mind a more youthful version of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s extravagant Monique L’Huillier Oscars gown. Rousseau’s graphic, childlike flowers are woven through fitted dresses, and exotic prints and rich corals are offset by knits perfect for lounging around in the Botanical Gardens of Paris. Or, if you’re Emma Roberts, traipsing around the streets of West Hollywood.

There are plenty of crisp, clean party dresses to offset all the exotic prints, but you’d be more crazy insane than a tortured artist to pass up any of the sheer animal print pieces. And with Jardin Exotica now available in stores from Singapore to SoHo, there’s no reason why your wardrobe should be insufficiently Amazonian this season.